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Monster Jam Souvenir Prices & Discount Tickets

Any family’s entertainment budget is important to think about. There’s only so much money for fun stuff. It’s always great to experience something new and it’s a bonding experience, but you can’t just throw money away. As a mom of boys (who are big fans), I’m going to breakdown whether Monster Jam is worth the money, how to score discount tickets AND the Monster Jam souvenir prices!

Monster Jam Souvenir Prices

Every parent NEEDS to know about the Monster Jam souvenir prices before walking into the show. You’ll thank me later when your wallet survives and you’ve got a plan in place. You think you’re done when you buy the tickets, but it’s hard to deny your kids a souvenir when it’s right in front of them – and every other kid has one!

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to pack ear protection for the whole family! The engines can be quite loud and dangerous to children’s hearing. Toddler ear protection and child ear protection is important – definitely purchase that beforehand.

Plan Ahead With Monster Jam Souvenir Prices

With tickets starting as little as $15, Monster Jam tickets can fit into a family’s tight budget. Many of the arena’s are circular, which makes many of the seats favorable – even if you’re sitting in the back. TicketMaster can add on a lot of junk fees, so you want to be careful of that. The junk fees quickly add up. Tour dates are announced up to six months ahead of time, so you can plan ahead according to your family’s budget.

But what kid can say no to a souvenir? If you’re like me, as a parent, it’s hard to say no as well. Compared to Disney On Ice Souvenir Prices, Monster Jam seems pretty tame. On the surface, the prices aren’t too terrible.

Dig a bit deeper, and compare the prices, and you might want to avoid the impulse purchases. From the minute you walk into your show’s arena, there will be souvenir booths that are full of toys, shirts and snow cones. A quick online comparison shows that the toys are the SAME ones you can purchase at the big box stores (like Target or Walmart) or even find Amazon with better prices.

Monster Jam Frozen Ice

Monster Jam Souvenir Examples (And Alternative Buys)

Small toys start at $10, which doesn’t seem awful, but they’re the same Monster Jam Toys that you can find for a few bucks elsewhere. That’s a big mark up in cost! T-shirts range anywhere from $25 – $60 and hats are around $30. Some of the souvenirs (like the shirts) are exclusive to the shows, but most can be purchased elsewhere. They even sell the souvenirs on the Monster Jam website.

Monster Jam Souvenir Prices

My recommendation is to purchase a few Monster Jam toys from your local box store (or Amazon) to gift your child with before the show. You’ll save so much money and avoid the high mark up costs.

Here are few great Monster Jam souvenirs to purchase at home:

Monster Jam Souvenirs

How To Score Discounted Monster Jam Tickets

For possible discounted Monster Jam tickets, your best bet is to purchase directly from the box office on the night of the event. You can call ahead to see if it’s a sold out show, or if tickets will be available for purchase. Even if they aren’t a great discount, you’ll pay less than online because of the junk fees.

Additionally, look for local library partnerships by checking the Monster Jam website. Monster Jam (and Disney on Ice) partner with local libraries to offer children FREE tickets just for reading! Local libraries who partner with Monster Jam offer a reading tracker. Once 5 books have been read the reading tracker can be taken to the box office in exchange for tickets!

Lastly, there’s always a great deal during Cyber Week! Monster Jam Cyber Week deals are up to 35% off the regular ticket price and you can purchase tickets ahead of time, up to six months, before the show arrives in your city. So log onto Monster Jam for Cyber Monday deals.

How to score discounted tickets to Monster Jam

Are Monster Jam Pit Party Passes Worth The Cost?

There’s always something extra you can buy! Guests love to arrive early to Monster Jam events to tailgate outside. The Monster Jam Pit Party is a pre-show event that’s an additional fee to the ticket price (prices can vary upon city). Kids can get up-close to the trucks and meet the drivers. It’s great for photo opps.

The lines can be long for younger kids and you want to be prepared by brining an autograph book or something that they can sign! I love the idea of purchasing a photo frame that the drivers can sign, then add a photo from the event to it later for their room.

Bottom line: I think the Monster Jam Pit Party is worth the cost for little fans AND it’s a better purchase than the souvenirs. Let that be your family’s big splurge!

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