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Milk Street Furniture Launch at Bellini | Atlanta

Picking the right crib is an important part of planning for your baby’s arrival. There are so many things to consider – safety, style, color and durability are all important qualities to think about when purchasing a crib. The Milk Street furniture line caters to parents shopping for all of that and more. Designer Julie Knisley is the talent behind Milk Street and she’s launching her exclusive line at Bellini Baby and Teen Furniture Atlanta this weekend.

Milk Street, Milk Street Furniture, Milk Street Baby Furniture

About Milk Street and Julie Knisley

Milk Street was conceived by brilliant designer and founder Julie Knisley. Julie Knisley is the designer who hot brands call upon when they are ready to launch something big. When you meet Julie, you will see why. She brings true talent, contagious enthusiasm and palpable passion to everything she does.

Julie became interested in nursery safety when she was pregnant with her first child. After doing extensive research on the subject she found many of the production standards practiced by top selling companies to be unacceptable for her as a mother. Nowhere else was she leaving her child, unattended, for up to 8 hours at a time. She had questions, but no one seemed to know or want to share the answers.

Julie first began sketching cribs in a park in downtown Boston off of Milk Street and this is how Milk Street Baby earned its name.

Milk Street, Milk Street Furniture, Milk Street Baby Furniture

Julie’s passion for each step of the process excites us all. Her creative process is based upon things she sees and falls in love with. She focuses on the whole of a room, the lines, the curves, and even the negative spaces.  She has been known to sketch a single line over 200 times until she gets it right. Her absolute love affair with natural wood is one of the things that drives Milk Street Baby. She has been honestly quoted saying, “the stunning and unique topography of a single pine board can make my heart skip a beat!” Call it crazy? We call it inspiring!

She’s the person Pottery Barn called when PBK was sizzling hot, the designer Saks Fifth Avenue hired for their luxury baby layette and bedding line and, naturally, had her stint designing for Restoration Hardware as well. She is also the designer behind a highly successful crib line called Lolly & Me that is affordable, accessible and known for safety. Clearly, Julie knows design, luxury and cribs. She began Milk Street not only to keep the high safety standards that her other lines prides themselves on, but to bring a unique, edgy high-end designer look and feel that is not available on the market today.

Milk Street, Milk Street Furniture, Milk Street Baby Furniture

The Official Bellini Launch in Atlanta: You’re Invited

Join me at Bellini Baby and Teen Furniture, in Atlanta, as we celebrate the official launch of Milk Street! I can’t wait to see Julie’s creative designs and the beautifully crafted pieces. Guests can also meet Julie and discover her passion behind the brand. Plus, guests can enter to win prizes!



Milk Street, Milk Street Furniture, Milk Street Baby

What: Milk Street Launch

Where: Bellini Baby in Atlanta (5285 Roswell Road Atlanta, GA. 30342 US)

When: Saturday, February 10, 2018 from 10:00am to 1:00pm

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