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Printable Learn To Count Worksheet For Preschool

Thank you for The Type Set Co.  for sponsoring this post. We’ve partnered together to create this fun Learn To Count worksheet!

There’s a big difference that separates preschool learning from Kindergarten – it’s their attention span! At age three, I’m starting to work with my youngest to learn the fundamentals he’ll need to be successful before grade school. Next year he’ll be attending preschool full time and the best way I can support him is by starting to work together at home. I’ve got some tips for teaching your preschooler at home, plus a fun printable “Learn To Count” worksheet that you can do together.

Preschool educational counting resource

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3 Tips For Teaching Your Preschooler At Home

I’ve come a long way since my oldest started school. Learning a few tricks along the way has helped to make things a little less painful and a lot more fun. Turning an educational opportunity into play time has been the key to our success. It helps to hold a preschooler’s attention and makes it fun.

Create The Right Learning Environment

Youngsters can soak up so much information, but only when their environment allows them to. Pick a time to practice when they aren’t tired. Create a learning space that has all of the essentials they’ll need, from crayons to pencils and everything in-between. I also include multiple surfaces where they can practice writing – chalkboards offer more friction, while whiteboards provide a smooth glide. These different elements come together to support their learning. 


Little Goals Add Up To Big Things

Break down your child’s learning, based on little goals that can be monthly or weekly. Write down their long-term goals, like: “learn to count 1-10 by fall of pre-k” and then break it down. Work on smaller chunks of learning. The repetitive nature of learning smaller amounts of information will help with retention. Then you add together the information to eventually complete your long-term goal. Preschoolers can learn so much, but they just need assistance to break down the information. 

Making Educational Goals For Preschoolers

Add A Dash Of Creativity For Fun

The best way to hold your child’s attention, while learning, is to make it fun. Turn learning into a game. You can make it hands-on or even add a physical component so they’re moving around. The printable “Learn To Count” worksheet, that you can find below, adds magnetic letters (which come with numbers) for a dash of fun!

The magnetic letters offer a tactile component that makes the worksheet fun and hands-on. The kids can pick their favorite colors and hold the numbers. Plus, they can re-use BOTH the magnetic letters and the worksheet since you’re not marking the worksheet with pen. Cycle the worksheet through their learning, every other week, to test their knowledge. 

The soft magnetic letters can be found online at The Type Set Co. and come in a variety of colors and two different font choices. You can use the magnetic letters (with your printable worksheet) on a magnetic whiteboard or chalkboard. They’re a learning tool that they can re-use and grow with. From counting in pre-school to vocabulary quizzes in middle school – the possibilities are endless!

Preschool Counting, Learn To Count

Print Your Free “Learn To Count” Worksheet

To print this worksheet, just download the PDF and save to print whenever you’d like! You can also let them color the worksheet too, if they’d like. It just adds another element of fun and builds their dexterity. 


Printable "Learn To Count" Numbers Worksheet For Preschoolers

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