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25 BEST Ways To Induce Labor Naturally At Home

Ask any expecting mom and she’ll tell you that the hardest part of being pregnant are those final weeks. When you’re full term and ready to pop, you’re desperate to get that baby out. Many women want to try and induce labor naturally, without drugs, for a number of reasons. I questioned generations of moms via social media for the BEST ways to get active labor started – from the comfort of home – and here are their answers!

If your pregnancy is full term, you need to read these 25 ways to induce labor naturally at home! Save it and pass it along to other moms. #Pregnancy #PregnancyTips #ThirdTrimester #Labor #LaborandDelivery

One of the reasons why moms want to induce labor naturally, at home, is because many believe it’s easier on your body and the baby. I’ve done it both ways. It’s nice to be at home and try to labor for a bit before heading into the hospital. Several of these tips below, I’ve tried too. Other ones are news to me! 

I’d suggest picking a few that interest you and trying them out. You can do several at a time, or pick a few that interest you. Don’t push it. Stay comfortable – it’s not worth stressing over. If none of these natural ways to induce labor work out for you, then you can do it under your physician’s care.

Looking for more information for a healthy pregnancy? I’ve got you covered:

25 BEST Ways To Induce Labor Naturally At Home

When moms get desperate, they come up with some fantastic ideas to induce labor! This is such a creative list. Bookmark this URL and come back for the information when you need it. Of course, share with your mom friends too. Pass on the knowledge to others who need it.

Inducing labor naturally with a yoga ball

Always consult your physician regarding your own health

What To Avoid When Attempting To Induce

What’s the one thing that is not on this list? Drinking Castor Oil is very dangerous to induce labor. You can seriously harm the baby and cause some stressful contractions. While there are many studies that it works – it’s an outdated method. Please do not attempt to drink Castor Oil.

How To Induce Labor Naturally At Home:

  1. Prenatal Massage – pressure points on your body can help get things started.
  2. Jog Uphill – Get your body moving and you might see some action.
  3. Walking Off The Curb – Go outside and walk along the curb. One foot on the top and one foot on the bottom.
  4. Walking Up and Down Stairs – A little bounce while walking stairs should help.
  5. Stimulate Your Nipples – You can use a breast pump for each side.
  6. Acupuncture – Another vote for pressure points on the body to aid in inducing labor.
  7. Have Sexual Intercourse – The same way the baby got in you can also help get the baby out of you.
  8. Drive Down A Bumpy Road – Shake things up in the car.
  9. Squats – The up and down motion of squats is supposed to assist.
  10. Dancing – Probably the most fun, turn on your favorite jams and move that baby.
  11. Eating Spicy Food – Supposedly the babies don’t like the spicy foods and want out.
  12. Membrane Sweep – Women swear by membrane stripping, but do your research first. Didn’t work for me.
  13. Bounce On An Exercise Ball – This one is easy and fun. Just sit on a yoga ball and bounce away.
  14. Midwife Brew – A drink that’s composed of tea, juice, butter and oil –> Midwife Brew Recipe.
  15. Pineapple – The enzymes in pineapple are supposed to help include labor naturally.
  16. Warm Bath – The baby doesn’t like the change in temperatures and contractions start soon.
  17. Primrose Oil – You can actually start taking primrose oil capsules at 35 weeks to soften your cervix. 
  18. Trampoline – More votes for bouncing up and down!
  19. Yoga – getting twisted in some yoga poses are supposed to do the trick.
  20. Pleasuring Yourself – A big “O” is the idea behind this method.
  21. Boating – the up and down of waves and being on sea are supposed to get the job started.
  22. Raspberry Leaf Tea – drinking several cups of Raspberry Leaf Tea per day is beneficial to your cervix. 
  23. Hot Shower – similar to the bath tub trick.
  24. Scrubbing Your House – getting the urge to “nest” and moving around helps.
  25. Eating Dates – this dried fruit is supposed to bring on active labor when you eat several at one time.

When to call your doctor about contractions

What Else You Need To Know About Starting Active Labor At Home

Don’t forget to ask your physician when is the best time to go into the hospital. I’ve always aired on the safe and cautious side and go in a bit early. My OB told me to call when my contractions are 5 minutes apart, but check with your own practice. That’s information you’ll want to know. 

Plus, don’t forget that you can track your contractions with an app. They’re easy to use timers that will allow you to visually see how long your contractions are lasting. When it’s time to go into the hospital, you’ll have that information ready to share as well.

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