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How To Buy Shoes In Bulk For Work Crews

Sometimes, the job just needs to get done, and there’s a shoe for every job! Whether you’re buying for construction crews, healthcare teams, or hospitality workers or to pair with school uniforms, there’s a way to easily order the shoes in bulk. Shoes For Crews is the easiest way to buy shoes in bulk, create accounts for team members to order from, or even have professionals come to workplaces for fittings.

Buying Shoes in Bulk
Buying shoes in bulk can be done for any workplace. Photo Credit: Shoes For Crews

Consider Safety Features When You Buy Shoes In Bulk

Buying shoes for particular industries is an entirely different process than your typical shoe shopping. It’s about accessing the work conditions and using shoes that are, above all, safe for the workplace and then comfortable. Other factors like durability, price, and fit will come before aesthetics. Workplace shoes are not about looks; that’s probably one of the last factors to consider. School shoes might be the only exception because safety won’t be as big of a deal.

Look for options like steel toe, slip guard, composite toe, aluminum toe, and puncture resistant. These are important features in a work shoe that will allow you to put safety first. Shoes for Crews does a great job categorizing the shoes into safety features so you can shop without worry.

Over 150,000 companies worldwide trust Shoes For Crews, including Chick-fil-A, Hyatt, Panera, and Whole Foods. Shoes for Crews also partners with trusted names to create shoes you can trust. Name brands, like New Balance and Dewalt, partner with Shoes For Crews to create a trusted product for your employees.

How To Chose The Right Shoes To Buy In Bulk

Slips, trips, and falls account for a great majority of injuries that happen in the workplace. Shoes For Crews created the slip-resistant outsole in 1984 specifically to combat these potential threats and has continued to innovate and push forward with many products designed to keep you safe. As an employer, you are free from spending money that could be more productively used than on preventable falling accidents.

So how do you narrow down which shoe to pick when you’ve got so many options? Here are the main factors to consider: understand your work environment, know the job duties, check industry standards, check your budget, look for certification, consider comfort, and evaluate traction technology. Check out the Shoes For Crew guide to picking the right pair of slip-resistent shoes.

buying shoes in bulk for work

Set Up A Shoes For Crews Program Where Employees Can Order

If you’re looking for a program, as an employer, that allows your employees to buy shoes in bulk, you can set up a Shoes For Crews Corporate Program. These flexible programs are fully customizable to suit the needs of your business. Protect your employees by reducing the risk of painful and costly footwear-related injuries.

Benefits like a $5000 warranty against slip-and-fall accidents, 60-day returns, and fast exchanges make the program invaluable. Basically, you create an online ordering portal for your employees to make the buying process seamless.

Shoes For Crews Corporate Programs:

  • Company Paid Program: Companies pay the entire cost of slip-resistant footwear for their teams for maximum safety.
  • Company Subsidized Program: Companies partially underwrite the cost of safety footwear and employees cover the rest.
  • Voluntary Payroll Deduction: Employees pay for their own footwear through installments deducted from payroll.
  • Small Business Program: Employees pay for their own footwear via credit card.
healthcare team needing shoes

Bring Professional Fitting Services To Your Crews

If you want to bring the shoes directly to your workplace, consider scheduling a visit from the Mobile Shoe Truck. If your job site is in the Orlando, Las Vegas, California or Texas areas, then the Shoes For Crews professional fitters can come to you. Their Mobile Truck will arrive at your job site for your fitting and showcase the largest collection of slip-resistant footwear on wheels. With minimal workflow disruption, your crew can try on the shoes that will help them get the job done.

Shoes For Crews Truck
Bring professional fittings to your workplace with the Shoes For Crews truck. Photo Credit: Shoes For Crews

Finding The Right Shoe For Healthcare

My Husband, Mr. Savvy, is a Pharmacist. He picked the New Balance Arishi v3 to wear. His work days require a 13-hour shift. Since he’s on his feet all day, he needs a shoe that can offer support and safety. He works around hazardous liquids and needs a shoe that’s easy to clean. Shoes For Crews is one of the only websites available that assists employees in picking out the right shoes for their industry. Even though he doesn’t have a required uniform shoe, he needs a closed-toe comfortable shoe that’s sturdy and can be easily sanitized.

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