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How I Display my Race Memorabilia

I’m linking up with the ladies from Tuesday’s on the Run to talk all about race memorabilia. When I started running in 2012, I had no clue that I was diving into an addictive hobby that I couldn’t get enough of. Before you know it, you’ve got race shirts and medals all over the place! I was hanging them on clothing hangers or throwing them into a pile. It was a mess.

After I had a handful of medals, I wanted a fun way to display my accomplishments. You’ve got to celebrate the hard work, right? I created a little running shrine around my dreadmill treadmill.

How to Display Race Medals

Of course, I separated my special and pretty Run Disney medals from my local races. All of my medals represent memories of friendship, hard times on a course or moments that I felt particularly strong. I keep all of them!


How to display race medals

How to display race medals

The other items I keep are my race bibs. This is another area where Run Disney shines. Their race bibs are so much more fun to keep and have my name on them. Fun fact- your Princess Half Marathon bib used to display your favorite Disney princess too! Totally miss that… And being in corral A (that might never happen again). I placed the bibs into protective sheets and organized them into a bibfolio.

How to display race bibs

On the front of my bibfolio, I’ve got my current PR times. I have to admit, these times haven’t changed since 2015 and I truly miss my 10k PR time. Since it’s in front of my treadmill, it reminds me of how strong I am. Even though I don’t feel strong right now (especially at 7 months pregnant) I am reminded that I can do it again one day.

Onto my next pet peeve… race shirts!

Race directors, if you’re reading this, I would totally give up a race shirt for less expensive registration fees. Each year I have to go through my race shirts and donate some that I never wear. For me, the race shirts are a waste. I wish there was something else they could offer instead of a shirt.

I am a sucker for those expensive race photos though. I’ve bought my fair share of photos and I frame them. I love these two photos. It was my husband’s first 5k and our first Run Disney race in 2013.


I love displaying my race memorabilia and remembering all of the miles I’ve run. Guests ask me about my races when they come over and it’s fun to relive the memories.


How do you display your race memorabilia?

If you’re looking for a fun way to display your race bibs, check out this post with 6 DIY Crafts for Runners!

Don’t forget to check out the Tuesday’s on the Run host ladies: Patty, Marcia and Errin for other fun ways to display your race memories.

Reca Porter

Sunday 11th of September 2016

I love my BibFolio! I have one medal rack that my husband is now worried will fall down with just fifteen medals on nine hooks. ?

Cassandra @ Powered By BLING

Wednesday 24th of August 2016

We love displaying our BLING! Our family each made their own BLING rack and we love taking racecations and running local races to fill them up!


Wednesday 24th of August 2016

Love it! I'm jelaous of your fabulous organization too!! My hubby and I are planning Dopey 2018!!


Wednesday 24th of August 2016

I wished I had my medals as organized as you - my kids love playing with them!

Karen G.

Wednesday 24th of August 2016

I'm sort of the opposite... I've never bought a race photo, but I do kind of like the race shirts! I have a standing tradition of wearing a race shirt to work the day after a race, (although some never get worn again). ;) I do like to hang my medals up near my treadmill as well!

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