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Running Shoe Review: HOKA ONE ONE Arahi 6 Women’s Shoe

Since running the Dopey Challenge last January, I’ve had trouble finding the right running shoe to fit my needs. You could say I’m the Cinderella of running – always looking for that perfect shoe. It’s important that a running shoe moves with me, provides support, lets me feel a connection to the road, and weighs next to nothing. I’m happy to announce that my search has officially come to an end with the HOKA ONE ONE Arahi 6 road running shoe.

Running Shoe Review: Hoka One One Ahari 6 Women’s

What Peaked My Interest

I’ve been suffering from severe Plantar Fasciitis since running after having kids. My feet overpronate, which puts a lot of stress on my joints when I’m running. Per my podiatrist’s recommendation, I needed to wear stability shoes. The HOKA ONE ONE brand caught my attention because of the cushion they offer on top of the support I need.  It’s hard to meet both of those needs.

I love that runners can use their online guide when purchasing shoes to see how much cushion and stability each style offers. That makes it really easy to shop for your specific needs.


First Impressions Of The HOKA ONE ONE Arahi 6

While I’m not buying shoes based on the color or design, I like the look of the shoes. The deep teal and navy (technically POSEIDON / VINTAGE INDIGO) looked great together. You can see the mesh fabric for breathability, and the outside of the heel has a fabric hook to help you glide the shoes on.

When I slipped the shoes on, I really felt a hug against my foot. It feels supportive in my arch and structured around my heels. The HOKA ONE ONE Arahi 6 shoes launched in 2017 with J-Frame™ midsole technology. It’s “Dynamic Stability” that supports by guiding the foot through its natural gait cycle, without employing traditionally rigid and unforgiving materials. In other words, the stability won’t be constrictive as you run.

I can attest that it’s true, too. On both the treadmill and my outdoor runs, I felt the comfort of the cushion and the support of the stability without the feeling of being weighed down. That speaks a lot to the design of the shoe.

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One Month Of Wearing HOKA ONE ONE Shoes

Currently, I’m in the midst of training for Run Disney’s Two-Course Challenge, and I’m wearing my Arahi shoes 6 days per week for training runs. They’ve broken in beautifully, and I haven’t had any issues. I wear supportive running socks with them, and the cushion still feels as great as the first time I put them on.

I highly recommend HOKA ONE ONE Arahi 2 women’s running shoes if you need stability and cushion like I do. If you’ve struggled with heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis, don’t give up on exercise yet. Try HOKA ONE ONE shoes and look for the cushion that works for your feet.

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