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Yummy Spoonfuls: High Quality & Healthy Meals For Toddlers

High Quality & Healthy Meals For Toddlers

This post was sponsored by Yummy Spoonfuls as part of an Influencer Activation and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Finding new and innovative healthy meals for toddlers can be a difficult task for busy moms. I’m always concerned about what my kids eat, but specifically my toddler needs nutrition packed meals. Since I don’t have the time to create new dinner ideas, I trust the moms who created Yummy Spoonfuls.

They found a great way to bring conveniently packed meals to families. Yummy Spoonfuls are packed with wholesome ingredients and nutrition that’s designed with your toddler in mind. I can feel good about what I’m feeding my son without the exhaustion of a home-cooked meal every night.

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Yummy Spoonfuls Are Delicious Healthy Meals For Toddlers

I try to feed my kids mostly organic foods because I’m concerned about the amount of chemicals found in pesticides. I also whole-heartedly believe that a cleaner body means a healthier one, which is vital for growing littles ones. Each meal is an opportunity to meet the nutrition that their developing bodies need.

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With my oldest son, I always felt like their was a gap missing in convenient, yet healthy, meal options for toddlers. Nobody designed something that met my high standards as a mom. Thankfully, Yummy Spoonfuls has hit the market and we’ve loved using them for my youngest!

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Clean Label Certified & Organic

Yummy Spoonfuls are Clean Label Certified which means that each is USDA Organic and Non-GMO. They are nutritionally balanced frozen meals, which take minutes to prepare. They’re a great way to feed children without any added sugars, artificial preservatives, additives or artificial flavors.

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Delicious Flavors & Variety

I love that they’ve got protein-rich flavors that my toddler will actually eat. In fact, each one provides more than 65% of the daily required protein for toddlers. That really takes the guesswork out of what I’ll prepare for him at dinnertime. 

They offer both Yummy Spoonfuls “Bowls” and Yummy Spoonfuls “Bites” in the following flavors:

  • Chicken Broccoli Bites
  • Chicken Sweet Potato Bites
  • Turkey Spinach Bites
  • Sweet Potato, Green Beans and Chicken Bowl
  • Pinto Beans, Brown Rice and Turkey Bowl
  • Potato, Carrot and Beef Big Bowl
  • Mac & Chicken Sausage Big Bowl
  • Pasta, Veggie and Beef Big Bowl
  • Pasta & Veggie Big Bowl

Yummy Spoonfuls are conveniently located at select Walmart stores, so I stock up on my toddler’s favorite flavors. We’re never without a few Turkey Spinach Bites in the freezer – it’s his favorite!

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Find Yummy Spoonfuls at Select Walmart Locations Nationwide

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