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Healthy Meal Preparation on a Budget

Meal prepping is such an awesome tool for keeping you on track for a healthy week. I really like to meal prep on Sunday’s so we have all week to eat off of several pre-cooked meals. I have a saying: “fit girls cook on Sundays”, and I believe it! A common habit among fit people is keeping healthy food at their fingertips to avoid temptation. Since I’ve started my 12 Week Vacation Challenge (read about it here), I’ve been striving to meal prep each week.

My turkey miniature meatloaf muffins.

Even though I love meal prepping, some people tend to think it can be cost prohibitive. But if you truly eat the food that you’ve put time into making and it replaces eating out, you can actually save money.

Here is how I save money at the grocery store to plan healthy meals:

1. Buy Meat in Bulk When it Goes on Sale

If you ever see your family’s favorite lean meat go on sale, stock up on it and put it in the freezer for later use.

2. Look for Spices in the International Section

Most grocery stores offer an international section, such as hispanic or asian foods. My store sells spices that are much cheaper in this location of the store. Next time you need a spice, check this section first.

3. Plan Meals Based Upon Produce that is on Sale

Typically, I plan our side vegetable dishes and fruit based upon the weekly sale items. I’ll pick between our family favorites and buy whatever is cheapest or in season. My store even sells fruit that is more ripe at a discount.

Buy your produce based upon weekly sales.

4. Check for Coupons Online

I used to subscribe to the newspaper and clip coupons each week. But I feel like there isn’t a need anymore with social media. I follow popular healthy brands that I like, such as the “Incredible Egg”, and if they release a coupon I will print it! So it pays to follow your favorite brands.

5. Go Frozen

Don’t be afraid to substitute frozen vegetables when you can. I stock up on them so they are available when I need them. I tend to use frozen broccoli, spinach and stir fry vegetables frequently.

6. Research When to buy Organic

I don’t buy organic unless I think it’s necessary. I have studied the “Dirty Dozen” and stick to buying only those items organic. Everything else is not organic.  Read about it here!

Know the Dirty Dozen!


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