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The Hassles of Fundraising are in the Past – Rejoice and ShopWithScrip

Philanthropy is near to my heart and giving back makes me feel great. During the Fall season, everyone is starting to fundraise and sometimes giving back becomes increasingly more difficult. Door to door pitching, accumulating auction items or organizing groups to provide a service are a few of the difficulties that parents face. Sometimes the consumer, like me, feels guilted into the purchase too (OK, maybe more than sometimes). There’s finally a solution to help both parties – ShopWithScrip ®.

ShopWithScrip, Fundraising with Shop With Scrip

How ShopWithScrip Works

It’s a totally unique fundraising concept that saves time and money. Organizations that use ShopWithScrip earn money by members making everyday purchases with gift cards. Here’s how it works:

  • You enroll your organization in a scrip program and invite members to join. Friends, coworkers and even neighbors can join!
  • Your members buy retail gift cards through your scrip program at face value. They have over 750 retailers to pick from. That makes it easy.
  • Your organization buys the gift cards at 2-16% less than face value depending on the retailer.
  • The difference between face value and what your organization pays is how you fundraise.
  • Members use that gift card on their shopping and your fundraising has begun.

ShopWithScrip is perfect for upcoming holiday shopping, but even everyday purchases count too!

ShopWithScrip, Fundraising with Shop With Scrip

Girls on the Run + ShopWithScrip

One of my favorite organizations and one that my readers are very familiar with, Girls on the Run, has partnered with ShopWithScrip to fundraise. Girls on the Run is a non-profit organization that empowers girls their passion for running. I love the work they do in my local Atlanta community and giving back to them has never been easier.

All I had to do was purchase ShopWithScrip gift cards for myself online by setting up PrestoPay (Shop with Scrip’s name for online ordering). My money goes to popular places, like Amazon and Starbucks, anyways. I might as well raise money for Girls on the Run.

I love how ShopWithScrip makes it easy on both parties. It’s safer than door to door old-school fundraising and there’s no pressure for the consumer. Next time you get pulled into organizing your team or school’s fundraising, consider ShopWithScrip. It’s the hassle free way to fundraise.



If you’d like to join the program and help raise funds for Girls on the Run, please contact me for an access code! 

This campaign is sponsored by ShopWithScrip. Through my affiliation with the Sweat Pink Ambassador community, I’m fundraising for Girls on the Run, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering young girls through running. All monies fundraised are donated to Girls On the Run at the conclusion of the campaign.1 Thank you for your readership and interest in forwarding Girls On the Run’s mission of: inspiring girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running.

Jamie King

Monday 2nd of October 2017

Such a great way to fundraise, simple and easy, better than door to door wrapping paper and all that awkward stuff!

Nicci Randall

Monday 2nd of October 2017

Just the word fundraising makes me feel meh thanks to middle/high school fundraisers, but this program sounds SO much better. Glad we can feel less stressed about fundraising, especially since it is so vital to programs like GOTR! Thanks for sharing!


Monday 2nd of October 2017

Easy, safe, and no pressure. Best way to fundraise!


Monday 2nd of October 2017

Seriously Shop With Scrip is so simple, and knowing that I'm giving back has made my Amazon Prime habit even more intense... ahaha. :)

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