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Great Wolf Lodge Cabana Rentals: Is It Worth It? (What’s Included)

Sometimes you just need to take your family vacation to the next level. The Great Wolf indoor water parks are always a ton of fun, but turning it into a piece of serenity for your vacation requires a bit more effort. Escape the excitement of the thrills by purchasing Great Wolf Lodge Cabana Rentals. Each cabana is a little bit of tranquility amongst the waterpark. Check out what’s included in the Great Wolf cabana rental price and whether or not it’s worth the cost.

Great Wolf Lodge Cabana Rental: Is it worth the price? Here's everything you need to know, plus what's included and what you'll pay more for! #GreatWolfLodge #FamilyTravel #GreatWolf

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Great Wolf Lodge Cabana Rentals: What’s Included + Price

We’re lucky that we only live about 1 1/2 hours from Great Wolf Lodge Georgia. I always tell folks that the resorts are the perfect weekend escape for 1-2 nights. The kids absolutely adore the resorts. They have so much fun playing MagiQuest, going to the waterpark and gettin a souvenir Great Wolf Lodge Build-A-Bear. They naturally offer so much for guests to enjoy that’s included with your overnight stay.

However, you’re going to see upgrades that you can treat yourself to throughout your stay. We’ve never been a cabana rental type family, but that might change after our experience. You might say I’m on a convert and hopping onboard with pool cabana rentals for future resort stays.

Great Wolf Lodge Cabana Rentals Information

Social Distancing Made Easy

If I wrote this article a year ago, I wouldn’t have included this information. Yet here we are and it’s a different world that we’re living in. Since Covid-19, Great Wolf has done an excellent job limiting the amount of guests in the waterpark and requesting that guests social distance from each other.

By having a cabana rental, it was super easy to keep our space. It was our own little haven that we could relax in without being near other guests. It’s nice to know that your family has their own dedicated space where social distancing is truly easy.

Great Wolf's Waterpark Features

What’s Included With Great Wolf Lodge Cabana Rental

You can reserve your cabana rental at the front desk upon check-in or you can purchase it as early as 10:00am on your waterpark visit day. When entering the waterpark, all you need to do is check in at guest services and they’ll introduce you to your waiter.

After being escorted to your cabana, you can spread out between two lounge chairs, a couch and table/chair set up. The cabanas have a front opening where you can look out and watch the waterpark area, or you can close that off for privacy. Fresh towels and a fan are available in your cabana.

Along with fresh towels and a waiter, guests can get water and sodas included with the cabana cost. You’ll receive 12 sodas total (coke products). They’ve also got a flat screen television that makes it a bit more fun. 

What's Included With A Great Wolf Resorts Cabana Price

What’s Not Included With Your Cabana Rental At Great Wolf

With a push of a button, you can call for your cabana waiter. Great Wolf offers a variety of sandwiches and appetizers to enjoy poolside. Plus, they have an array of alcoholic beverages to pick from (frozen, on the rocks, wine and beer) and mocktails. The waiter will bring your menu items directly to your cabana so you don’t have to wait in line. Prices for beverages range from $6 USD – $12.50.

Check Out The Menu Items:

Cabana Menu Items To Order At Great Wolf

Are Great Wolf Lodge Cabana Rentals Worth The Cost?

The Great Wolf “Cool Cabana Rentals” range from $149 – $199 depending on the season and day of the week. You can call l-800-640-9653 to find out more information about the price for your trip duration. All together, we would rent a cabana again.

The larger your family is, the better the deal it becomes too. You could also split the cost with a second family and share the space. We didn’t drink all of the soda that was given to us, so we brought it back to our room.

To make the most of your cabana rental at Great Wolf, you’ll want to book first thing in the morning and use the space all day long. The waterpark hours are 10:00am – 8:00pm daily. You’ll get more hours for the price you paid for your rental. It’s the Great Wolf upgrade you never knew you needed.

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