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Toddler Attractions As Six Flags Over Georgia

I was given the fun opportunity to bring JP to Six Flags over Georgia, for their new Bugs Bunny BoomTown grand opening. I hadn’t been to Six Flags since high school! So it was a blast from the past to walk through their main gates again. 

Six Flags over Georgia designed the new Bugs Bunny BoomTown with young families in mind. The Looney Tunes characters, that we loved while growing up, are the theme for this new park area. 

We immediately set off to ride the new rides and explore the area. JP loved the Bugs Bunny High Seas Adventure…

Another favorite of his was the playground area. It was also a great spot for parents to grab a seat and rest while the kids played. 



I loved how Six Flags designed the space with all of the comforts for young families too. Bathrooms, park benches and snack stations were all centrally located to the attractions. It takes the stress away from having to walk further away and reload the stroller. 


My heart stood still as JP rode his first ride by himself too! He’s growing up so quickly. I watched on the side as he smiled and waved at me. 


Of course, a morning of new fun meant an afternoon nap was needed. He had so much fun at Bugs Bunny BoomTown that he passed out before getting in the car. 


Six Flags over Georgia will be a great location destination for Atlanta families this Summer. We loved Bugs Bunny BoomTown and can’t wait to go back! 


So, in the words of my Looney Tunes friends, “That’s all folks!”

Six Flags Over Georgia invited JP & I to attend their Grand Opening with compensated tickets. 

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