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Freeing Yourself of The Mom Guilt | Becoming an A+ Mama

It happened a few weeks ago. I sat in the car and just let out a big ugly cry. Earlier that morning, I took my kids to the mall’s playground. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to escape the Summer heat and let my preschooler run off some energy. This “fun idea” required getting two kids out of the house, preparing my diaper bag for anything they could need until 18 and a lot of patience on my end. By the time I’m ready to leave, the “fun idea” has already drained me.

Becoming an A+ Mama, Momlife, Support for Moms

I like to think that I’m a savvy and well organized Mom, especially as a blogger. The truth is I’m not. My Husband and I joke about me being the “hot mess” Mom. I’m always a day late and a dollar short. I feel like I’m the one Mom, in a “Mommy” situation – like church – that can’t keep her kids behaved. Believe me, I try my very best too.

On that rough day at the mall playground, things were going seamlessly well (that should’ve been my first sign) until IT HAPPENED. My Son hit another kid. In complete defense, I truly believe it was an accident. My 3 year old is an active boy that loves to pretend to be a dinosaur. It didn’t matter what I thought though. The other Mom went FULL ON Mama Bear mode on me. Even though apologies were flying out of my mouth, she just lit into me.

It was my first experience with another parent attacking me for my kid’s actions. I was embarrassed. I felt like a bad Mom. I questioned my son’s future. I wondered where I went wrong. Her belittling fueled a the most Mom Guilt I’ve ever experienced. So I just cried and cried in the car. The grocery store was our next stop and I sobbed while shopping. I just couldn’t let it go.

The point to my story is that all Moms have had incidents were the stress of being a Mom is overwhelming and the guilt rushes over you.

Since having my second son, last November, I feel more judgement and pressure than ever before. It’s so unhealthy for me, because I let it consume me. I can’t help but to feel judgement about when I stopped breastfeeding or why we didn’t put our oldest in preschool right away. The judgement never stops, the guilt continues to escalate and it’s taxing.

Becoming an A+ Mama, Momlife, Support for Moms

I think the only way for Moms to free themselves of these emotions is to be the support for each other. If you know that other Moms are going through the same struggles as you, you may be able to cope with it better.

Becoming an A+ Mama (and other notes on intentional motherhood)

Disclosure: Received a copy of Becoming an A+ Mama to review. 

My friend Angela, wrote an e-book, Becoming an A+ Mama (and other notes on intentional motherhood). When I had my little mommy meltdown, I thought about her book. I had already read it, but now parts of it resonated on a deeper level for me. Becoming an A+ Mama is a series of letters, from one mama friend to another, to encourage other moms and help them free themselves from some of the mom guilt and mom stress.

Even though Angela may not of had a parking lot breakdown like me, her book reminds me that Moms go through similar situations.  Through the book’s letters, she provides readers with the tools to overcome the mom guilt. So we can stop questioning ourselves as Moms and move forward.

Becoming an A+ Mama, Momlife, Support for Moms

She also provides a workbook to help guide you and find your own mama mission statement. Becoming an A+ Mama covers topics for Moms with kids of all ages. You’ll feel like you have the support of a friend, the guidance and strength to move forward in Motherhood and the comfort of knowing someone else has been in your shoes.

I wish Becoming an A+ Mama was available when I was first pregnant with my oldest. Being a Mom can sometimes feel lonely and, especially in today’s crazy world, it’s refreshing to find an honest approach by someone who has been in the same situations.

Do you remember getting that first ultrasound photo? I wish Becoming an A+ Mama came with it. Jokes aside, I highly recommend the e-book to my Mama readers! It’s also a great gift from one Mama friend to another.


Becoming an A+ Mama, Momlife, Support for Moms

You can also find Angela on her blog Intentional Dabblings.

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