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Tent Camping at Walt Disney World: Fort Wilderness

When you are looking to book a vacation at Walt Disney World, there are some expected and unexpected options. For instance, did you know that besides the Disney Resorts there is also a Walt Disney World Four Seasons? It’s where guests can do tent camping at Walt Disney World or park their RV. It’s a great lodging option to suit big and small budgets. It might be one of the best kept secrets at Disney – just minutes away from the Four Seasons – the Fort Wilderness Campsites.

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Camping At Walt Disney World Fort Wilderness

So many guests don’t even realize that camping is available at Walt Disney World. I don’t recommend starting with Disney if you’ve never camped previously, but it is great if you know what you’re doing. The same goes for taking the family RV.  It’ll be an amazing experience if you’ve got the basics of camping already established.

 It’s The Real Wilderness When You Camp At Disney World

Fort Wilderness is a sprawling open 750 acre plot of land where Walt Disney World visitors can get a cabin in a remote corner of Bay Lake. Although it’s only a boat ride from Magic Kingdom, it is true wilderness where nature has taken over even parts that had formerly been developed by the company.

For example, there once was a railroad that transported guests through the grounds, but now few remnants are even visible from the former system. Among the overgrowth and dense woods of pine and cypress are all varieties of wildlife, from deer to Armadillo.

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Tent Camping At Fort Wilderness Campsites

Of course a cabin in the woods isn’t exactly roughing it. The campsites are an even better way to get in touch with nature, and it’s better on your budget, too. Who would have thought you could stay at Walt Disney World for as little as $56 per night?

The campsites accommodate different levels of camping whether you prefer to camp in a tent or a 45 foot or longer RV. If you love to camp, this is a really great way to experience Walt Disney World. Privacy is enhanced at the Fort Wilderness campsites through landscaping.

Camping Amenities: You Can Barbecue At Your Campsite

Just one of the perks of camping at Fort Wilderness in Walt Disney World is the ability to cook your own food. Normally you would have to stay in a Disney Vacation Club villa, or a studio to prepare your own meals. Every campsite is equipped with a picnic table and a grill. Of course you will want to save one night of your stay for the all you can eat dinner and show at the Hoop De Doo Musical Revue.

Besides the grill and table there are various hookups, including water, electrical, sewer, and even cable. You can even bring your pet as long as you are camping in a climate controlled RV and comply with the pet policy.

Recreational Amenities at Fort Wilderness

Fort Wilderness offers a lot in the way of recreation. Tri Circle D Ranch is nearby and they offer horseback tours through the wilderness. There are also hiking trails around the area and a swimming pool with a corkscrew slide. One of the many unique experiences here is the Archery lesson, where you can actually learn how to shoot a bow and arrow and get in some target practice.

Fort Wilderness Recreation, Recreation at Disney World

Downside To Camping At Walt Disney World

Wherever you are camping in Fort Wilderness it’s a safe beet you are going to need to walk quite a bit to get to the dock, or other places on the grounds. Buses transport you to other parks, but to get around Fort Wilderness itself, you are welcome to rent a golf cart to make things a little bit easier. The 4 person carts are available at the reception outpost.


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