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7 Reasons Family Boating Brings You Together

There’s nothing better than long summer days spent on the water. Family boating is an exciting venture that bonds you together. Boating offers entertainment, a place to relax, a budget-friendly way to travel the world and it’s a gateway to awesome outdoor sports. Did you that over 90 percent of people in the US live less than an hour from a navigable body of water? Don’t think you need to live along the coastal region of the United States to enjoy having a boat. I’m sharing my top reasons why family boating is an adventure that creates years of memories.

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Purchasing a boat is a big investment, but it’s definitely an excuse to do something on a regular basis as a family. You’ll have a source of transportation and a source of fun with one purchase. I know the decision to purchase a boat can be overwhelming, so I want to give you some of the amazing reasons why it might be a great investment for your family!

We love heading to Carters Lake in Ellijay, Georgia for some fishing and family boating with the kids. It’s the perfect excuse to relax and forget our troubles for a day trip, without having to book an expensive vacation with months of prior planning.

How Family Boating Brings You Together

Connect With Nature

For many, one of life’s great goals is to own a boat. Being in tune with nature, while at the same time voyaging in relaxation under the sun – it’s a dream combination. Boating is a wonderfully beneficial hobby and lifelong opportunity that offers so much more than just the boat itself.

You can connect with nature, which is great for your health. Spending time on the water is relaxing because it engages your senses. You can hear the water, feel the sunshine, smell the outdoors, see the reflection of the water and even taste what you fish.

Family boating, benefits of owning a boat, benefits of family boating

Family Boating Helps You Escape Your Daily Routine

Owning a boat gives you the opportunity to escape a mundane routine. Many owners spend their weekends on the water, forgetting the cares of their weekly lives. It’s no wonder that the popularity of boating is corresponds with the happiness it produces. For families, it can be a weekend getaway that doesn’t come with the stress of booking hotels, highway traffic or flying. It’s far less stressful to just have everything you need in the boat and ready to go. The kids can appreciate how saving time means more fun.

Offers An Abundance Of Recreational Activities

Owning a boat is an investment worth making and can even save you money over time. It allows you access to water skiing, fishing, having the perfect view of 4th of July fireworks, traveling up and down the coastline, snorkeling and a host of other fun activities that are extremely expensive without having a boat.

Family Boating Helps Create Memories With Your Kids

Most boat owners can agree that creating memories with kids is one of their top reasons for purchasing. Your family relationship will strengthen as you spend more time together – without screens or technology that consumes us at home. Boating is a canvas for creating endless memories that are unique and powerful, and can assure you that the decision to invest in a boat was the right one. It truly provides your family with genuine time together. To me, that’s priceless!

Family boating, benefits of owning a boat, benefits of family boating

Become More Active

As a boat owner, you’ll be more active as a person. From waterskiing, deep sea fishing, swimming, snorkeling, a rigorous sailing voyage and cleaning, upkeep and routine maintenance—boating is sure to get your blood circulating. It’s an awesome excuse to skip the gym and hit the water.

You Don’t Pay Real Estate Taxes

If ever considered owning a timeshare or buying a vacation property, real estate taxes can be a big burden. However, owning a boat eliminates that issue. You can travel to warmer climates whenever you want and not pay real estate taxes.

Family boating, benefits of owning a boat, benefits of family boating

Stay Within Your Travel Budget

If family boating is something you’re interested in, then doing your research is important. There are price points that match everyone’s budget. Owning a boat doesn’t have to be an unreachable dream – there’s definitely a boat that fits your budget.

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