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Fall Running & Walking Tips

As I’ve mentioned many times previously, Fall is my favorite running season. All of the hard work from my Summer running starts to pay off and the leaves crunch under my feet as I run. Even though the days are getting shorter, it’s the perfect weather to take your workout outdoors. The cool crisp air combined with the Fall tree foliage can make any run feel extraordinary.

Fall running is the best! Photo Credit: Reach your Peak.

Fall running is the best! Photo Credit: Reach your Peak.


But it’s even more important to be prepared for the Fall running season with night time coming early. Make the following tips part of your Fall running habits and stay safe.

Check out my Fall Running & Walking Tips:

1- Wear Reflective Clothing

With dusk approaching sooner in the day, it’s important to wear reflective clothing. Drivers will be more likely to see you, which will keep you safer throughout your workout.


2- Wear Layers

The temperature can change quickly during the Fall. Wear layered clothing that you can easily take off as you warm up. I love wearing lightweight vests to keep my core temperature warm.


3-Wear Bright Colors

If you run on a trail, be sure to wear bright colored clothing that helps you stand out from your surroundings. Fall weather can bring darker and gloomier days, so bright colors will help cyclists or traffic see you better.


4-Don’t Forget to Hydrate

Athletes tend to focus on hydration more during the Summer months, but it’s still just as important for Fall. We tend to sweat less during the cool months, which makes it easy to forget the importance of hydration.


5- Keep Wearing Sunscreen

Runners like to pass on the sunscreen during the cool Fall months, but it’s important to keep wearing sunscreen throughout the season. Use a sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection to keep your skin safe from burns. Don’t let the cloud cover fool you, you’re still at risk for sunburns.


How do you prepare for Fall running? Do you change anything about running for Fall?

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