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“From Here to There” Exhibit at Children’s Museum of Atlanta

Set sail with the the Children’s Museum of Atlanta newest exhibit: “From Here to There”. The exhibit explore the science behind how things move on the sea, land and air. We had the opportunity to learn and play at the new exhibit- JP had so much fun!

You can ride a hovercraft to experience air pressure, turn up the heat to launch a hot air balloon, and float a boat to experiment with air flow. Below, JP is learning about the power of friction and how it relates to transit on water.

Children's Museum of Atlanta, Children's Museum of Atlanta

Children’s Museum of Atlanta ‘From Here to There’

I love that the exhibit is full of hands-on experiences for the kids. They feel like their playing while learning about gravity, friction and the laws of motion. The exhibit is at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta now until May 29th, 2017, so make it part of your Winter or Spring Break plans.

It’s a must do science adventure that the kids will love!

Children's Museum of Atlanta, Children's Museum of Atlanta

Hours and Tickets

Adult: $14.95

Kids: $14.95

Infants (under 1): Free

Monday/Tuesday 10am-4pm

Wednesday CLOSED

Thursday/Friday 10am-4pm

Saturday/Sunday 10am-5pm

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