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“Eating For Pregnancy: Nutrition Guide & Cookbook” Book Review

Navigating a healthy pregnancy is harder than you’d think. While pregnancy is one of the most natural experiences a woman can have, nutrition requirements have changed drastically over the years. As the standard American diet changes, it’s harder for women to get the daily nutrients they need. Written by the master minds of both a Registered Dietician and an OBGYN, the book “Eating For Pregnancy: Nutrition Guide & Cookbook” is a must-have for today’s pregnancies. 

Eating For Pregnancy Book Review

What Inspired Me To Read Eating For Pregnancy

My first two pregnancies were essentially a free for all as I truly believed I was “eating for two.” I ate whatever I wanted and whenever I wanted. That led to gaining 60+ pounds each time. Luckily, both of my boys were born healthy. On the other hand, I had to navigate postpartum depression and a body that I was unfamiliar with. What was even worse is that breastfeeding didn’t naturally take off the weight like I assumed it would.

Throughout each of my first two pregnancies and in-between them, my weight would be a roller coaster ride from the mid 150’s to my highest of 260 when I was full term with my second son. It took a big toll on my body. 

When I got pregnant this past spring with our third baby, I knew things had to be different. It’s imperative that I change my bad habits and treat this pregnancy differently. With research and my doctor’s opinion, I learned that not every woman needs to gain 25 pounds. Starting out at Obese Class 1 meant I needed to control my weight gain. 

That means making nutrition a priority. Exercise is fantastic while pregnant, but you don’t know what your body will allow with each trimester. What you can rely on to control your weight is what you put in your mouth. 

Reading Eating For Pregnancy has really helped to guide my nutrition during this third pregnancy. I’m proud that I haven’t gained too much weight like I did with my past pregnancies. 

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18 weeks pregnant with baby #3

“Eating For Pregnancy: Nutrition Guide & Cookbook” Review

Eating For Pregnancy, written by Catherine Jones and Rose Ann Hudson, breaks down what your body needs at each point of the pregnancy by month. They also include your nutritional needs for trying to conceive and what you’ll need after the baby’s born. 

I love that the book uses simple terminology that we can all understand. Plus, since it’s written by women, they share their personal stories as well. That makes it feel very relatable. On top of covering the ideal nutrition for each month, they also share your baby’s development and the changes that are happening in your body. 

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©Catherine Jones, Eating For Pregnancy – Healthy Hummus Recipe

The recipes included in the book are designed with each month of pregnancy in mind. They share how to use the recipe in a meal idea, the nutritional content of the recipes and what nutrients it gives you. Check out this excerpt and the information for this sandwich recipe (page 187):

Tasty Tuna Salad Sandwich

Protein, vitamin K, B vitamins, and folate enhance your baby’s cell, brain, nervous system, and bone development, and the iron builds up your iron stores.

I’ve already tried a few of the recipes and they’re easy to make. They’ve also included several recipes that you can freeze before delivery and have available when the baby comes home. 

One of the most comprehension sections of the book is the advice on postpartum depression. They really break down how nutrition can play a big part in how your body combats depression. It’s really hard to find that information and it’s important for women who are trying to control PPD naturally before medication. I’ve already read ahead to that section and I feel like I’m armed with better knowledge of how to prevent some of the PPD I went through with my previous pregnancies. 

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Give The Book As A Gift Or Buy For Yourself

I love books like this because you can pass them down to friends and family members who will eventually need it for themselves. If you know someone who just found out that they’re pregnant, and they’re health conscious or a first-time mom, it’s a fantastic gift. If you’re trying to conceive or just got that positive pregnancy test, definitely make the investment. It’s less than $20 USD on Amazon, but includes priceless information that will help you navigate a healthy pregnancy.

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