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Simply Magical + Adorable: Disney Plus Noelle Movie Review

I’ve very picky about my Christmas movies. They have a lot to live up to and takes something really special to be watching year after year. I’m looking for magical set designs, light-hearted humor, the spirit of the season and a great cast. For whatever reason, the new holiday movies always seem to fall short on one of these elements. However, the NEW Disney Plus “Noelle” film meets every one of my requirements. Here’s my spoiler-free review!

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Disney Plus Noelle Movie Review

Anna Kendrick is one of the Hollywood Actresses that everyone seems to love. Her cute personality and voice is hard not to love. She plays Santa’s daughter and really captures the essence of what her character is all about. Alongside Bill Hader (who I never expected to see in any Disney film), they take audiences on a humorous adventure that’s fit for the season. 


About Disney’s Noelle Movie

In Disney+’s holiday comedy “Noelle,” Kris Kringle’s daughter is full of Christmas spirit and holiday fun, but wishes she could do something “important” like her beloved brother Nick, who will take over for their father this Christmas. When Nick is about to crumble like a gingerbread cookie from all the pressure, Noelle suggests he take a break and get away…but when he doesn’t return, Noelle must find her brother and bring him back in time to save Christmas.

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Christmas CGI Effects Are The Best Ones Yet

How does Disney capture the magic of the fictional (that can be argued) North Pole? With beautiful CGI work. I can’t imagine having the job to put together the images of a place we’ve all imagined since being children. Right from the beginning of the movie, audiences are transported the magic of the North Pole. It’s the perfect way to immediately get you into the holiday spirit. 

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The CGI effects also offer a great backdrop to some awesome costume design. Every costume design that Anna Kendrick sports of full of cheesy Christmas spirit. They’re very fitting to the characters personality and fun to see throughout the film.

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The Supporting Cast Can Stand On Their Own

Seeing Shirley MacLaine plays Disney’s Noelle Elf Polly and she offers all of the sarcastic humor we love while injecting some wisdom into the storyline. She’s refreshing to see on the screen and can stand on her own as a great character. Elves CAN be played by mature actors and it’s fantastic. 

Disney Noelle, Disney Plus Noelle Review, Disney Plus Movies, Noelle


Bill Hader is the most unexpected actor to play in Noelle. I’m used to seeing act in cold-hearted roles or playing a villain. In a complete 180º, he’s a great choice as a supporting actor alongside Anna Kendrick. His character, Nick, leads the storyline and the adventure that ensues when he leaves the North Pole.

Noelle, Bill Hader in Noelle, Disney Plus Noelle


Is Noelle Safe For Kids To Watch?

Just because a movie is about the holiday season, I’ve learned, as a mom, that they aren’t always family-friendly. Noelle is DEFINITELY one to let the kids watch. It’s a sweet and innocent movie with no language or sexuality. It’s full of fun Christmas puns that are cute and snarky. Even my two-year-old enjoyed watching it and it kept his attention for the most of the movie.

Full List Of Noelle Christmas Puns:

  • Oh my garland — Oh my gosh
  • Hold your reindeer — Hold everything
  • Silent night — Everybody be quiet
  • Maids a milking — Holy cow
  • Stuffed chimney — This is horrible
  • To wait on someone hand and skate — To wait on someone hand and foot Stocking half empty — Glass half empty
  • That’s chestnuts — That’s crazy
  • To be Frankincense — To be frank
  • Thank garland — Thank goodness
  • Holy night — Oh, dear
Disney Plus, Disney Plus Noelle, Noelle Movie Review


My biggest regret about Noelle was not watching it first. It’s one of the cutest holiday “feel good” movies that the whole family can enjoy. It’s been too long since we’ve seen an awesome original holiday movie and this one will be enjoyed year after year in our home. 


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