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The Best Disney Plus Christmas Movies To Watch In 2021

There’s nothing better than watching Christmas movies as a family. It’s always on our holiday bucket list and every year we have more to enjoy, as our kids get older. Since we’re HUGE Disney fans, we’ve been turning to Disney Plus for all of our streaming. To ensure we don’t miss one festive moment, I’ve created this fun printable checklist of the best Disney Plus Christmas Movies to watch in 2020. So get streaming – you’re going to love these cute flicks.

The BEST Disney+ Christmas Movies to watch as a family in 2020. Print your FREE checklist and get streaming. #DisneyPlus #ChristmasMovies #Christmas

Don’t have Disney Plus yet? There are so many great reasons to get streaming! Not only do we love the Christmas movies this time of the year, but we’re also big fans of their hit Star Wars show, The Mandalorian. Each month, they’ve got exclusive family movies that premiere too.

Print Your FREE Disney Plus Christmas Movies Checklist

It’s easy to get started on marking off your favorite Disney Plus holiday movies. Just click on the PDF link below and download the file to your computer. Save it and print it off when you’re ready! Or you can bookmark the URL to this page. We love to print it off and hang it on the refrigerator. On the weekends, the kids can pick which movies they want to watch. It’s so much fun to watch the older movies that I grew up with – those are my favorites. 


2020 Disney Plus Christmas Movies Checklist

Christmas Movie Snack Ideas

Don’t get started on your checklist without making some great snacks for watching! We love making a special snack, together with the kids, and then turning out a Disney Plus Christmas Movie. The kids love to pick both the snack and the movie combination. As a parent, it’s fun to see what they pick. I don’t think there’s any better tradition than that. Check out some of these fun and festive snacks that are EASY to make:





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