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DHA Testing in Breastmilk| EverlyWell Review

Disclosure: The following is a sponsored post, with Fit Approach and EverlyWell DHA Testing. All opinions are my own.

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From the moment I found out that I was pregnant, my baby’s nutrition has been the utmost importance to me. When I started breastfeeding him I researched all of the nutrients that were important for him. I wanted to make sure my diet was full of healthy nutrition that I could pass along to him.

I learned that my DHA levels are crucial to his development. DHA is a vital Omega 3 Fatty Acid for a baby’s health as they grow during their first 2 years. DHA is vital in a child’s early development, in particular for their visual acuity and cognitive development. It’s estimated that 75% of Americans are deficient in DHA. After I read the importance of DHA in babies, I wanted to ensure that I had an adequate amounts in my breastmilk.

DHA Testing, DHA Testing Breastmilk, How to Test your DHA Levels

Since breast milk is a near perfect mix of vitamins, fats, proteins, and nutrients for a baby, the benefits of breastfeeding are numerous. Measuring DHA in breast milk can help you know if your dietary supply of DHA is ideal.

EverlyWell DHA Testing

I turned to EverlyWell, who is the exclusive provider of at-home DHA testing, for consumers in the United States. It’s great how easy EverlyWell makes the test. I ordered my test online, it was shipped directly to my home, the instructions were clear – only a few drops of breastmilk are required for a sample card and then I just drop the package into my mailbox. Plus, shipping is free both ways.

No lab visit and no doctor visit required! It’s also discreet and private.

DHA Testing, How to test your DHA Levels, Breastmilk DHA Testing, Everlywell review

All tests are authorized by a board-certified physician in your state, and the results are reviewed and approved by the same provider. My results were emailed to me within a few days.

I learned that my DHA levels aren’t bad, but they could be better. Now that I know this, I can discuss the test results with my healthcare provider.

DHA Testing, DHA at home test kit, Everlywell Review, How to test your DHA

Should You Use EverlyWell DHA Testing?

This test is designed for women who are currently breastfeeding and want to monitor their breast milk’s overall percentage of DHA — a vital Omega 3 Fatty Acid for infant development. Why is DHA so important? DHA levels in breast milk is a reflection of mom’s DHA levels and an indication of the amount of DHA the baby’s growing body is receiving.

What Will Your EverlyWell DHA Results Look Like?

Using this small sample, EverlyWell labs will tell you whether or not your milk’s DHA levels currently fall within ideal, healthy ranges for a breastfeeding mother. It couldn’t be easier and you get to take the test from the comfort of home.

Based on your results, if your DHA levels fall outside of optimal ranges for breastfeeding, EverlyWell will provide well-evidenced guidance on dietary and lifestyle changes that may improve your levels. As with all EverlyWell tests, you’re encouraged to share your results directly with your doctor for personal follow-up.

DHA Testing, At Home DHA Testing, EverlyWell Review, At home DHA test kit

If you’re interested in testing your DHA levels, at home, with EverlyWell you can purchase the test kit online ($69) at EverlyWell. Right now, Fit Disney Mom readers can purchase the test kits for 15% off with promo code: FDM15.


Please Note:  EverlyWell is proud to be an ardent supporter of breastfeeding. EverlyWell does not diagnose or treat disease. They cannot offer testing in NY, MD, RI, or NJ due to state regulations.


Friday 2nd of June 2017

I love this! Thanks for sharing! :)


Thursday 1st of June 2017

I'm always amazed by all of the nutrients in breast milk! I shouldn't be, but always am. The human body... wow!


Thursday 1st of June 2017

Love the ease of use with this test, and that you only need a few drops of breastmilk (I have to waste even an ounce of liquid gold!). Hope your conversation with your healthcare provider is fruitful!

Jamie King

Thursday 1st of June 2017

Aww, what a precious little babe you have! :) Sounds like such a great test for new mamas, definitely going to try it when that happens for me!

Nicci Randall

Wednesday 31st of May 2017

What a cutie!! I love the way this test works - sounds so easy and so helpful for busy mamas!

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