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35 Creamy Soup Recipes That’ll Warm You Up

When you’re neck-deep in snow and the cold seems unbearable, there’s nothing better than a comforting bowl of soup. To take it a step further, these creamy soup recipes add a touch of richness that broths can’t provide. These are the ultimate cream-based soups that you’ll crave after a long day. They’re like a warm hug!

These Creamy Soup Recipes are hearty and comforting for winter family dinners.

What Makes A Soup Creamy?

Broth-based soups are typically made from beef, vegetable or chicken stock. They’re lighter and not thick. On the contrary, creamy soups are made with either a heavy whipping cream, milk or half-and-half base. They’re much heavier and thicker. Creamy soups tend to be more filling and calorie dense.

Best Kitchen Tools For Making Soups:

How To Freeze Creamy Soup Recipes

If you have leftovers, creamy soup recipes are so easy to freeze! Add them to either a freezer bag or use a portioned frozen soup container. Keep the soup in the back of your freezer where temperatures are more stable. The opening and closing of your freezer door can cause small temperature fluctuations. Each individual recipe varies, but most soups can stay frozen for up to six months. Let them thaw in the refrigerator before reheating.

Ingredients To Make Your Soup Thicker

Creamy soups have a tendency to be naturally thick, but adding thickening ingredients help. Starchy vegetables, like potatoes will increase the thickness. Making a roux with all-purpose flour is sometimes a base for creamy soups. Lastly, corn starch is a popular ingredient that can be added to soup!

35 Best Creamy Soup Recipes

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