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The Computer Museum Of America: Digital Fun For All In Roswell, GA

As a Millennial Mom, I grew up in the heart of the digital age. When you’re living, as a kid, through phenomenal developments and breakthroughs that are happening at a expeditious rate, you don’t understand their impact. You can re-live the timeline of the events that brought us to the digital age we are currently living in at the Computer Museum of America. The museum provides a fantastic place where multi-generational families can come together and visually see the marvelous impacts of the digital age.

Check out the coming of the digital age at the Computer Museum of America in Roswell, Georgia (north of Atlanta). Featuring an Apollo 11 tribute and thousands of tech artifacts, it's a great destination for families. #Atlanta #FamilyTravel #Tech #TechGear

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Planning Your Computer Museum Of America Visit

The Computer Museum of America (CMoA) is located north of Atlanta, in the suburb of Roswell, Georgia. Started as a personal collection, it now houses thousands of pieces of digital artifacts. The museum catalogs every piece of history that is collected and how it impacted society. No matter how young or old, there are pieces of history that everyone can appreciate at the CMoA.

Apple Exhibit, History of Apple Computers, Computer Museum History

STEM Education: Kids Visiting The Computer Museum Of America

I never expected my kids to learn and appreciate as much as they did during our visit. The CMoA staff can provide exceptional educational resources that can be catered to kids at any age. My kids bonded with my Husband over the history of video games, discovered virtual reality and were in awe over the Tribute to Apollo 11.

The CMoA strives to give back to the community through education. Don’t be afraid to visit as a family and bring the kids. There’s a piece of history that everyone can appreciate. 

Apollo 11 Exhibit At The Computer Museum Of America

Tips For Touring The CMOA With Kids:

  • Go at a pace that you feel comfortable with. You can always come back for more and kids digest new information at individual rates.
  • Pick a few exhibits that your kids can connect with and start with that. Our kids loved the Tribute to Apollo 11.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the staff any questions. They can present the information in a way that kids can better relate to.
  • There are a few hands-on areas where kids can interact with the artifacts. Be sure to ask about those during your visit. You won’t want to miss out on anything!

Virtual Reality, Teaching Kids About Virtual Reality

Exhibits That Speak To The Generations That Grew Up In The Digital Age

What makes the CMoA a must-do Atlanta destination? It’s literally a blast from the past! Find the piece of technology that you had to have as a kid.

My Husband squealed when he saw R.O.B “the Robot” from his childhood. The acronym stands for Robotic Operating Buddy and was designed as a robot accessory for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985. It’s part of their Timeline of Computer History that showcases many pieces of Nostalgia. 

Computer museum in Roswell, GA

I experienced my own moment of awe while visiting the Supercomputing exhibit. Growing up as a big fan of Disney and attending art school, I have a deep appreciation for the technology advancements in animation. Guests of CMoA can view an original Pixar Machine. The Pixar Image Computer is a graphics computer originally developed by the computer division of Lucasfilm (later renamed Pixar).


Special Events And Unveilings At The Computer Museum Of America

It’s going to be very exciting to see where the future of the CMoA is heading. They’ve got plenty of space for pop-up exhibits and special events. Be the first to hear what’s new and purchase tickets for upcoming events, but signing up for their newsletter. The future of computing is never-ending and that means the museum will never stop expanding. The notion of what’s ahead for the CMoA is very exciting – we’re lucky to have it local to Atlanta!

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