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Cars 3 Review | It’ll Hit Home for Parents

Disclosure: I received complimentary movie tickets, from Disney, for my Cars 3 review. All opinions are my own. All photos ©Disney.

Cars 3 Review, Cars 3, Cars 3 Review from a Mom

Speed. I am Speed” is one of those quotes we can all connect to the movie when somebody asks. The Cars franchise has always been one of my favorite productions from Disney Pixar. The movies have awesome soundtracks and fun characters that have become Disney favorites. Cars 3 is no different and, in my opinion, it beats the second Cars movie.

Cars 3 Official Trailer

Cars 3 Review: The Storyline

The storyline of Cars 3 really hit home for me. After many great racing years, Lightening McQueen realizes he isn’t the young one anymore as Jackson Storm (a new character) takes to the track. After a devastating crash, Lightening McQueen must train to beat his youthful competitors, regain his confidence and decide how important racing is to him. Along the journey, he meets Cruz Ramirez (voiced by CRISTELA ALONZO) who plays an integral role in the decision of his future while becoming a true friend.

Cars 3 Review, Cars 3, Cars 3 Review From a Mom, Cruz Ramirez Cars 3

After watching the trailer, and knowing that Lightening McQueen crashes, I was sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation. I laughed at the jokes and teared up at a few points. The whole theater even clapped at a pivotal ending moment. It’s truly your feel good movie with no dull moments.

Why Parents Will Love Cars 3

If you’ve got young kids, like me, chances are you’re part of the Millennial generation who will watch Cars 3 with their kids. It really hit home for me as I realize that I’m not a spring chicken anymore. Whether you want to admit it or not, parents will find themselves relating to Lightening McQueen and the struggles of getting older. He isn’t the rookie anymore. Haven’t we all felt pushed out of something we love, even due to age? Lightening McQueen feels pushed out of racing.

Cars 3 Review, Cars 3 2017, Cars 3 Jackson Storm

It’s also the classic “passing the torch” type story. Lightening McQueen is finding himself again and deciding if he still has a spot in the racing community. The storyline reflects the timeless struggle that athletes go through in real life as well.

Cars 3 Review: It is a Must-See for the Girls

If you thinks the Cars movies are just for the boys, think again. Cars 3 does an excellent job with some girl power moments. Disney Pixar introduced Cruz Ramirez – the supporting character and a female car. She’s a bold character who isn’t shy and speaks her mind. Her job is to get Lightning McQueen back on track after his devastating setback.

Cars 3 Review, Cars 3 2017, Cars 3 Cruz Ramirez

She’s an admirable character for young girls that sends a “you can do it” message of strength and courage. She’s an integral part of the movie and what’s next for #95. Young girls will love to watch her character on the big screen.

My Take

It’s one of my favorite Disney movies of the Summer. It’s a G-rated movie that’s entertaining for the whole family. I like that the girls get a new character, boys get to see Lightening McQueen back in action and it isn’t dull for the parents. Loved it!

Cars 3 is a Summer family blockbuster to go see with the kids! Cars 3 opens everywhere, this Friday, June 16th. Don’t forget to print these fun Cars 3 activity sheets too.

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Jacquelyn Cannon

Wednesday 14th of June 2017

My grandson is a big Cars movie fan. Great giveaway and we plan to see Cars 3 this summer.

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