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Bumpdate! 38 Weeks Pregnant Update

I know I haven’t been consistent with my bumpdate posts, but I always feel like I am whining when I write them! But I wanted to get at least one more in before the end of the month, or my due date…

I am officially 38 weeks pregnant and feeling the 3rd trimester aches and pains. I wake up every morning and say, “Oh. I am still pregnant” to my Husband. That’s a huge sign that I am officially over it. It feels like I announced my pregnancy forever ago!

I feel huge and swollen. My lower back aches by the evening and I’ve already started to produce colostrum. I’ve been taking a lot of baths to soak away the pain. Even though it’s cold in Atlanta, I’m rocking my flip flops still since my feet are bigger.

38 Weeks Pregnant

I’ve started my weekly OB appointments and they seem to take up an entire day of the week for me. The weekly appointments, with a cervical check, is my least favorite (ouch!). But the good news is that I’m progressing already. I am 2 cm dilated and happy about that. Every little bit I can do from home will help me on the big day. In reality, I know I can walk around at 2 cm and never progress more. So I take it with a grain of salt.

Rewind to last week and I was trying to do ALL of the old wives tales to help move things along, like eating dates and pineapple or drinking raspberry leaf tea. I don’t think it was helping much and it just frustrates me further. I’m convinced they are truly “tales” and don’t help.

Oh yes- people have already started to ask if he's here yet!

Oh yes- people have already started to ask if he’s here yet!

In doing all of that, I’ve come to peace with letting nature take its course. Right now, the best place for the baby to be is inside of me. I’m praying for patience and strength to get me through these final weeks. I know I have less than 30 days until I meet baby boy #2 and that is a comforting fact. I just need to stay focused and patient!

My Husband and toddler are ready to meet him, which is sweet. My Husband wonders what he’ll look like and my toddler talks to me about his arrival. I feel like our home is finally ready for him. I’m waiting on some final pieces of furniture to arrive for his nursery and then it’s done. That’s a nice accomplishment since we never finished my oldest son’s bedroom before he was born.


I’ll keep my blog readers updated about his arrival. My estimated due date is November 29th. Hopefully I can make it past Thanksgiving for a restful holiday with my family. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers! Hopefully I’ll be able to see my toes again soon.


Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner

Friday 11th of November 2016

You look so cute! Love the crib set up. Good luck to you for a healthy and happy birth- day

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