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Bumpdate: 29 Weeks Pregnant

As you’re reading this, I’m enjoying my family vacation at Disney’s Vero Beach resort and Walt Disney World! I’m sipping my non-alcoholic pregnancy friendly drink and enjoying a break with my Husband and Toddler.

Nonetheless, I still wanted to give everyone a fun bumpdate to celebrate being 29 weeks pregnant. I found some awesome memes to express my current pregnancy states.

Since I’m at Disney, this week seems to be very food focused for me…


Because I passed my Gestational Diabetes test! I was so glad I got that done and over with before our trip to Disney. I’m always slightly nervous before that test because no pregnant woman likes to be told to go on a diet. I’ve read that if you’re active before being pregnant, you’re less likely to get it. If that’s truly the case, I’ve got running to thank.

 I’ll allow myself some yummy treats from Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival! Because…


Everybody has been really concerned about me walking around the parks and staying hydrated. But, it’s Disney! I’m going to be a trooper.

Nobody will know that I secretly feel like this…


My awesome Husband will be dealing with my constant requests while we are at parks. From another break to rest my feet to

Finding the nearest bathroom NOW.


So that’s how it feels to be on vacation at 8 months pregnant and feeling big. It’s a much needed break though and it’s like a family baby moon before the baby comes.

I know I’ll come home from Disney feeling like this…


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