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Bumpdate: 27 Weeks Pregnancy Update

I’ve hit another big milestone this week in my pregnancy! I’ve officially reached the 3rd trimester. As much as I love the big kicks that I’m feeling now, there are things that I miss about not being pregnant. I miss a long run on a Sunday morning, sleeping comfortably throughout the night and the occasional drink. I know the end is in sight and we are getting closer each week!

JP snuggles my baby bump post-nap.

JP snuggles my baby bump post-nap. I’ve got chubby cheeks now.

I haven’t put a lot of thought into a birth plan yet. I’m going the hospital route again with my OB that delivered my first born. I know some Moms plan out everything perfectly, but I’ll just take everything as it comes. I’m not really sure I can predict the unpredictable anyways.

I DO have some little things planned though. My husband will be the only one allowed in the delivery room with me, JP will be staying at my Parent’s house, absolutely no mirrors allowed in the delivery room and guests are welcome to visit me afterwards (with the option of bringing non-hospital food).

Mommy & Me bonding time.

Mommy & Me bonding time.

In the meantime, I’ve been trying to mentally prepare JP to be a big brother. I’m not sure if my tactics are working at all! I mention the new baby’s name in conversation, I stopped referring to him as the baby and I tell him how great of a big brother he’ll be. My friend, Amy, gave me some advice: have the new baby give JP a gift when they first meet. If there’s one thing that works with my toddler- it’s bribery! I have brilliant Mommy friends.

19 Weeks Pregnancy Update

If you’ve been following along with my Bumpdates, you know that the nursery painting was taking me forever. I got a little burst of energy these past few weeks and I finally finished! Thank goodness. It felt like the never ending paint project. All 4 yellow walls are done and it’s time to move the furniture in.

27 Weeks Pregnant Update

Proof I painted!

Not much else happening on the baby front. My next doctor appointment will be tomorrow, before our Disney World vacation and I’ll take the infamous glucose test. Better to know before the Disney treats, right? I’m looking forward to bringing my big bump to the parks! It should be the fun, yet exhausting, break that I need.

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