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How Blue Buffalo® Dog Food Supports Our Senior Canine (AND Veterans!)

This shop has been compensated by Inmar Intelligence and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BLUESierraDelta Read how Blue Buffalo® Dog Food has improved the nutrition of our senior furry friend & how the brand supports veterans!

Our dog, Maru, is a quintessential part of our home and our best furry friend. Originally my husband’s dog, he’s been around before I came into the picture and now he keeps up with our two kids. He’s well loved and we want only the best for him. When I expressed my concern about his nutrition as he aged to our veterinarian, they recommended Blue Buffalo® dog food to us. After researching, making the switch was a no-brainer and we haven’t look back since. See how Maru gets optimal nutrition, as a senior, with Blue Buffalo® AND it’s a purchase we can feel good about because the brand supports veterans too!

#AD See how BLUE Buffalo® provides proper nutrition to aging dogs with their special food formulas, AND how the brand supports veterans for the month of November - with a partnership together alongside Sierra Delta. #BLUESierraDelta

How Blue Buffalo® Dog Food Supports Our Senior Canine

As dogs age, their nutrition becomes even more important so they can maintain mobility. I knew from my own passion about nutrition that a poor diet can lead to inflammation and excess weight. As pet parents, we didn’t want that for him.

Maru enjoys the BLUE Life Protection Formula™ on a daily basis, as recommended to us by our vet. He acts like a younger pup, with tons of excitement, when it’s time to eat. The formula is made with the finest natural ingredients enhanced with vitamins and minerals. It’s something that we can feel good about giving him too. Check out these highlights of the science and nutrition behind the formula:

  • BLUE Life Protection Formula™​ offers high quality proteins and meat options.
  • We love that it’s made with “Wholesome” ingredients: whole grains, garden veggies & fruit.
  • You’ll never find any chicken by-product meals, or corn, wheat and soy. Plus, there’s no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors.
  • BLUE Life Protection Formula™ has added glucosamine and chondroitin in their senior and large-breed formulas. They support joint health and mobility – something Maru needs.

Everyone always comments that our furry friend has a lot of energy for being 14-years-old. While we can probably contribute a lot of that to his Australian Shepherd breed, I also know that proper nutrition has helped him maintain that over the years too.

BLUE Buffalo Dog Food For Seniors

If you’re looking for a dog food formula that’s more intuitive to their primitive history, check out BLUE Wilderness™ by Blue Buffalo®. It’s an alternative and trusted formula from the same brand we love. It features more of the high-quality meat pets were born to love, to satisfy their need for a protein-rich diet. Check out the nutritional highlight:

  • The formula has a variety of healthy proteins included: beef, bison, chicken, duck & salmon.
  • Same as the BLUE Life Protection Formula™, you’ll never find any chicken by-product meals, or corn, wheat and soy. Plus, there’s no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors.

BLUE Buffalo Dog Food brand, senior dog food brand

Blue Buffalo® Supports Your Dog AND Veterans

With every Blue Buffalo® purchase you make, during the month of November, you’re also helping to support veterans. That’s a cause that near and dear to our family’s heart, as we try to actively thank our own vets in the family. Our family has several family members who served in support of the War on Terrorism. Even though they no longer serve in the military, they are forever changed and in need of support afterwards.

Feeling good about buying Blue Buffalo® goes beyond the nutrition, because of their partnership with Sierra Delta. Sierra Delta helps supply service dogs to veterans. Blue Buffalo® donates money to help supply service dogs to veterans.

Sierra Delta’s mission is to support more veterans by partnering them with trained canine companions. However, only 1 in 150 vets in need of service dogs are currently served. By increasing access and improving efficiency we can eliminate the critical shortage of service dogs for our military heroes and euthanizing of large adoptable rescue dogs.

How does it work from a consumer perspective?  Buy any BLUE Life Protection Formula or BLUE Wilderness™ dry food during the month of November and Blue Buffalo® will donate $1 for every small bag of food sold, up to $275,000, to Sierra Delta Service Dogs for Heroes.

With the upcoming holiday season upon us, I love seeing brands that are choosing to give back. It’s a great cause and makes me proud to be a Blue Buffalo® fan.

BLUE Buffalo Dog Food For Seniors

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No matter which Blue Buffalo® product is right for your pup, find your favorite formula at your local Walmart store. It’s now available at Walmart, so you can conveniently save time and money, while providing your furry friend with the best possible nutrition. Walmart offers several ways to shop: including in-store, online and free grocery pick up.

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