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17 Black Panther Gifts For Marvel Fans Of All Ages

If Wakanda Forever is something you can’t stop saying the first Black Panther movie, then you might a big Marvel fan like me. Or maybe you’re shopping for a huge Black Panther fan that can’t get enough of the franchise. Either way, I’ve rounded up the best Black Panther Gifts for fans of all ages. From action figures to books, this is your complete guide to Black Panther merchandise that’s unique and special.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Gifts
This Black Panther Gift Guide includes items representing the new Wakanda Forever movie!

Marvel’s first Black Panther movie was released in 2018 and broke box office records. I attended the Black Panther movie premiere in Hollywood and it took everyone by storm. Everyone wants to get their hands on a piece of Black Panther merchandise to celebrate their fandom.

Kids love the action figure sets, adults wait for limited edition action figures and the movie is so popular that there is even Black Panther kitchen gear. You can think of almost any type of gift and you can find it Black Panther themed. With the second film coming out, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, there’s going to be an even bigger selection of gifts inspired by the movie.

How To Find Unique Black Panther Gifts

The list I’ve curated includes gifts that represent the original film and gifts that represent Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Unique Black Panther gifts range from small finds that can be at any box store to collector’s items. Official merchandise and autographed artifacts are going to be the priciest gifts, but you can find something unique in every price range.

When To Give A “Wakanda Forever” Gift

Of course there are always the main holidays that we celebrate throughout the year, but Black Panther has such a deeper meaning behind the movies. The filmmakers and actors hit some enormous milestones that made black history and paved a path for future black films. Here are some great reasons to give a Black Panther gift:

  • Marvel Fan’s Birthday
  • Christmas
  • Mother’s Day or Father’s Day
  • International Women’s Month – For fans of Shuri
  • Black History Month – For fans who appreciate the films success in the Black community

17 Black Panther Gifts For Marvel Fans Of All Ages

Know someome who loves Marvel? Here are the best Black Panther gifts that represent the original film and Wakanda Forever!

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