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The Best Spin Bike On A Budget: Horizon Fitness IC7.9 Review

This post was sponsored by Horizon Fitness. All opinions are my own. They introduced me to the best spin bike on a budget, by letting me review the product in my own home gym.

When I’m expanding my home gym, I’m adamant about purchasing quality products that will stand the test of time. Durability, connectivity and tech options are all important features that I look for. Our home gym is finally getting an update with more cardio and I can’t be more excited because I’ve found the best spin bike on a budget.

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I jumped at the opportunity to test the new Horizon Fitness IC7.9 Indoor Cycle bike. I’ve been taking gym spinning classes for years and, especially this time of year, it’s just easier to workout from my home. It’s so convenient to have a cardio option at home. I have no more excuses with a home gym – there are so many benefits to investing in some equipment:

  • No Monthly Membership Cost
  • I Can Pick My Own Equipment
  • No Wasted Travel Time To The Gym
  • Privacy While Working Out
  • Control Over My Environment & Cleanliness

Plus, I love that I set up my home gym equipment in a spot where I can enjoy working out. I put my Horizon Fitness bike in front of the television, so I can binge watch my favorite shows. The kids play while I workout – it’s a Win Win for everyone.

Horizon Fitness has been in the home fitness space for years, and is a trusted award-winning leading fitness brand. They’re known for their quality components, convenient features and quality. You can also purchase a warranty to protect your investment.

Horizon Fitness IC7.9 Review: Best Spin Bike On A Budget

Ride With Your Favorite Fitness Streaming Apps

While you might be riding in your own home, the IC7.9 cycle bike puts in the middle of the action. Feel like your part of a bigger experience, like a personalized class, with your favorite fitness app. Stream your favorite workouts, from any fitness app, via your tablet (although my smarthpone fits as well). I downloaded the Peloton digital app. I get the same workout as any Peloton user, without overspending on the actual bike. 

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How It’s The Best Spin Bike On A Budget Without Sacrificing Quality

The Horizon Fitness IC7.9 spin bike can keep up with your workouts. It’s designed to offer you a smooth ride that adds resistance and control with a durable design. When I hop onto the bike, it truly feels sturdy. There isn’t any wobble or give to either side. I can ride in the saddle or stand up without any issues. 

Precision residence controls offer you the ability to control your workout at the tips of your fingers. The screen is placed in a convenient spot that allows you to quickly adjust your the bike’s torque without throwing off your cadence. You get the same tough workout at a fraction of the cost of the competitors.

Horizon Fitness Indoor Cycle Bike, Budget-Friendly Spin Bike, Best Spin Bike For Home Gym

Assembling Your Horizon Fitness IC7.9 Indoor Spin Bike

The only downside to having a home gym is the daunting task of assembling equipment. I don’t care how great a piece of equipment is, if I can’t assemble it correctly. Assembly your home gym equipment correctly is VERY important for safety. Fortunately, Horizon Fitness offers several in-room delivery and set up options. You can DIY the assembly or pay for the white glove service.

Horizon Fitness IC7.9 Bike Assembly, Horizon Fitness Assembly Instructions, How To Assemble Your Horizon Fitness Bike

We assembled our IC7.9 bike and, while I admit my Husband did the work, it assembled without much effort. The base of the bike comes mostly assembled and the instructions are very clear and precise to put the rest of the bike together. They make it easy for anybody to assemble. 


Kick Off Your New Year With The Horizon Fitness IC7.9 Spin Bike

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