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Audi on Demand Available in the U.S. | San Francisco

Have you ever wanted a simpler way to rent a vehicle when traveling? Audi on Demand is the latest mobility service that will offer travelers a simple way to rent a vehicle. It’s different because it works around your schedule. The concierge service delivers the vehicle directly to your destination, with hour-by-hour  or long-term rentals.

Audi on Demand, car rental, San Francisco car rental


Audi on Demand Now Available in U.S.

To use the Audi on Demand service, you start by downloading the official app. The service is now available in the U.S., in San Francisco, but includes several other international destinations: Singapore, Munich, Hong Kong and Beijing.

  • Make your official reservation on the mobile app
  • Wait as little as two hours
  • One of the trained concierge servicemen will deliver the vehicle to your chosen destination. They’ll walk you through all of the vehicle’s features.
  • The driving experience is designed for what you need: They offer quattro® all-wheel drive, navigation, complimentary ski racks, bike racks, and child seats upon request,3 Wi-Fi connectivity for passenger use,4 unlimited mileage on select models5 and complimentary Bay Area FasTrak tolls.

Audi on Demand, car rental, San Francisco car rental

So far, this service is only offered in one U.S. city, but I am hopeful that they add several more in the future.  I love that it makes renting a car so easy. If you only need a vehicle for a portion of your travel, it’s a convenient service.

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