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Beyond Shows: Atlanta Fox Theatre Food Prices, Tours & Marquee Club

There might be many historic landmarks in Atlanta, but none shine quite as bright as the Fox Theatre. Sitting directly on Peachtree Road, in midtown, the ornate architecture of the building beckons visitors far and wide. With over 150 shows performed on the Fox’s famous stage, there are so many reasons to make the Fox a part of your plans. Here’s everything you need to know beyond the shows: tour information for history buffs, a glimpse of the new Marquee Club and even Atlanta Fox Theatre food prices. 

Everything you need to know about Atlanta's Fox Theatre beyond the shows: how to tour the property, join the Marquee Club and even the food prices. #Atlanta #AtlantaFamily #FamilyTravel

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Plan Your Atlanta Fox Theatre Visit: Food Prices, Tours & Club

The Fox Theatre is unique in so many ways. Not only has it survived years of history, including the Great Depression, it’s one of the few venues where you can watch everything from movies to rock concerts. A trip to the Fox Theatre is a must-do for anyone visiting Atlanta and if you are a resident of the city, you should be taking advantage of the theatre often. You can enjoy the venue in so many different ways – there’s no wonder why it’s a gem of our city.

Atlanta Fox Theatre, Atlanta Fox Theatre Venue


Fox Theatre Tours

There are other reasons to visit the venue beyond the shows and my favorite has to be the Fox Theatre Tours. An original concept by the Shriners organization, the theatre design has a beautiful nod to the ancient Far East. The ornate architecture and design includes large domes, minarets, archways and gold details. After becoming too large of an endeavor, it was purchased by movie mogul William Fox who finished the opulent undertaking. It opened in 1929, but a few years later, Fox has to declare bankruptcy because of the Great Depression. It was then purchased by a private company at the local courthouse auction. 

Today, visitors can appreciate the theatre’s exquisite details and diverse history by taking a tour. You can see the Egyptian Ballroom (the private event space), the timeline stairwell, celebrity dressing rooms, grand salon, the terrace and even the Fox Theatre Hospital. 

Tours take place on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays and go on sale 2 weeks in advance. Everyone must have a ticket to attend the tour & be sure to wear walking shoes. Bring your camera and know that each tour is unique due to it being a working theatre.

Fox Theatre Atlanta, Fox Theater Atlanta Food Prices, Planning Your Fox Theater Visit


Fox Theatre Food Prices

One of the most fun things about seeing a show at the Fox, is that they sell food and it’s allowed inside the theatre. Yes – you can enjoy some candy while watching the ballet! They have several windows, in the lobby, where you can purchase food and drink before performances and during intermission. 

Beer, wine, champagne and cocktails are available for purchase alongside snack items. Of course, Coca-Cola products are served at the theatre. They do not have any special dietary items for gluten-free guests. Alcoholic beverages at the Fox range from $12 – $22 with valid ID.

While it’s not on the menu below, I’ve also been at several Fox Theatre shows over the year where they serve spiced and candied nuts as well. It might depend on the time of year that you attend a show.

Atlanta Fox Theater Food Prices, Atlanta Fox Theatre Food Prices, Alcohol At Fox Theater Atlanta

If you’re looking for a meal before attending a performance, the Atlanta midtown area offers several award-winning restaurants that are within walking distance of the theatre. Many of the restaurants are aware of the show start times and do a great job of serving guests who are on their way to the theatre. You can always park at the Fox Theatre, grab dinner at a local restaurant and enjoy a cocktail at the Fox. 

The Fox Theatre Marquee Club

Looking for even more to enjoy at the venue? The Marquee Club is the Fox Theatre’s premium membership club. Recently opened, it was recognized by Venues Now magazine as 2019’s “Best New/Refurbished Space in Food and Drink.”

The Moroccan and Middle Eastern-style club is 10,000 square feet of interior and exterior space with five stationary bars and three rooftop environments, including the climate-controlled Conservatory, patio covered Arcade Terrace and the outdoor Rooftop Terrace.

Fox Theatre Marquee Club, Atlanta Marquee Club, Atlanta Event Space, Private Atlanta Event Space


Open only during public events at the Fox Theatre, the Marquee Club offers a preeminent pre-show through post-show experience for club guests with amenities including priority pre-sale ticketing notifications, access to private restrooms, concierge guest services and self-parking access to an adjacent lot for some memberships. 

The complimentary pre-show food is perfect for guests who are looking to enjoy heavier appetizers at the theatre without worrying about dining at a different location beforehand. Streamline your evening out by dining and enjoying the show all in one location.

Marquee Club Food, Atlanta Marquee Club Food, Atlanta Fox Theatre Marquee Club


It’s the ultimate convenience and a great addition to a season tickets (which are offered by Atlanta Ballet and Broadway in Atlanta)

Want to experience the Marquee Club before purchasing a membership? You can purchase single event Marquee Club access, online, based on availability for upcoming shows. The show ticket is not included with club access. It’s a great way to enjoy the Marquee Club amenities before purchasing your membership.

Fox Theatre Marquee Club, Marquee Club Drink Prices, Marquee Club Cocktail Prices, Marquee Club Membership


While food is included in the price of the Marquee Club, alcoholic beverages are not. They have several bars where guests can order craft cocktails, beer and wine. They offer a wide selection of whiskey and the cocktail choices are changed out seasonally. Marquee Club cocktail prices range from $14 – $16.

Fox Theatre Marquee Club Drink Prices, Marquee Club Cocktail Menu

Fox Theatre Parking Information

There are several public parking lots located around the Fox Theatre that guests can use. Obviously, the closer you park, the more expensive the price can be. The cost to park is usually $5-$30. I recommend carpooling with other guests or taking a ride-share service, like UBER, instead of parking. We’ve parked at the Georgian Terrace Hotel, across the street, which is a nice short walk to the theatre. 

Fox Theatre Address: 660 Peachtree Street NE Atlanta, Georgia 30308

Fox Theatre Parking, Where To Park Near Fox Theatre

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