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Zambawango Atlanta Coffee Shop: Low Carb & Gluten Free Bakery

There comes a time in every dieter’s life, when you just need something sweet to hit the spot. With the popularity of the Keto Diet, comes along a new low carb restaurant trend. Many restaurants and bakeries miss the mark when it comes to specialty diet foods. Fortunately for Atlantans, Zambawango is filling the gap as a unique one-of-a-kind Atlanta Coffee Shop that offers delicious low carb and gluten free options.


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Learning What Zambawango Is All About

I sat down with Zambawango Owner, George Coundouriotis, and Chef Kathleen McDaniel, to discuss their recent one year anniversary. They’re making magic and recognize that they’ve become quite the destination bakery. Loyal Customers flock from all over to experience Instagram-worthy desserts that won’t break the carb bank.

You’d never know that they’ve only been open for one year because of the cult following they’ve already developed. George and Kathleen beam ear to ear when they talk about customers who come in weekly. 

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Menu Offerings At Zambawango Atlanta Coffee Shop

Personally, I jumped at the opportunity to interview the Zambawango team because I was already a fan. Working hard to lose weight with Keto Diet can be frustrating when you have a tendency to crave sweets. Zambawango quickly became my favorite Atlanta coffee shop where I could grab some guilt-free desserts. 

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They offer daily specials and seasonal offerings, while continuing to push the boundaries in the kitchen. Each low carb and gluten free menu item uses either almond flour or coconut flour, with Swerve as a sugar substitute. The Creme Brûlée can satisfy your sweet tooth for zero carbs, while the cheesecakes come in a variety of flavors for 3.6 carbs per slice.

Looking for an accompaniment to your dessert? Zambawango serves handcrafted espresso drinks and freshly brewed coffee that’s roasted locally from Batdorf and Bronson Roasters. 

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