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Celebrating Alphabet Magnet Day: 50 Years Of Timeless Fun

Whether it’s the way they feel in your hand, the fun messages they create or the numerous ways you can use them – alphabet magnets never get old. For fifty years, they’ve been the source of timeless creativity and they’re not going anywhere. The Type Set Co. has re-imagined alphabet magnets for the modern home and they’re celebrating the past fifty years of letter fun with Alphabet Magnet Day (which includes a fabulous sale, too).

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The History Of Alphabet Magnets

We certainly think of alphabet magnets as a child’s toy, and while they’re an amazing educational tool, they’re so much more than that. Did you know that the very first magnetic letters were actually created for the space industry? That’s right – Sam Hardcastle was an inventor who was asked to develop magnetic letters and numbers that the space industry could use for charting and tracking purposes.

The first magnetic letters were fully magnetic, flexible letters that became the first rendition of alphabet magnets. Since then, they’ve evolved from a letter toy that Fisher-Price introduce in the 1970’s to the hottest trend on Instagram.

People really caught onto the versatility. A few simple letters can convey a message in a photo, numbers can memorialize an important date and you can even give your pets the voice they need for photos. That’s how alphabet magnets and letter boards became the trendy home decor we know them as today.

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Making Letter Boards Modern

The Type Set Co. pushed the idea of alphabet magnets to become what we know today. Letter boards had been in existence but nobody put a modern spin on them until the founders of The Type Set Co. redesigned them. They took into consideration the fonts, types of letter boards customers want and even the tactile feel that the letters would have.

They officially launched The Type Set Co. in 2017 with a focus on design. Their letters push the boundaries on functionality as they look stylish on the refrigerator and work great in the play room. Alphabet magnets are just as fun as they have been for the past 50 years, but now they’re doing double duty with style and functionality.

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Celebrating Alphabet Magnet Day

To celebrate the vintage fun of the past alongside their well-designed future, Alphabet Magnet Day happens annually every May 9th. Celebrate clever language and beautiful letters by finding your inner word nerd. Celebrate by using magnetic letters in your favorite color (or color combination!) to spell out a quote, saying, pun, or phrase.

Leave a fun message on your child’s lunch box as a surprise or, my favorite, put your favorite quotes on the refrigerator. The possibilities are endless!

Grab your Alphabet Magnets from The Type Set Co! To celebrate the big day, they’re offering 50% off in honor of the 50th anniversary – on MAY 9 only! No code required.

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