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8 Awesome Ideas for your Child’s Outdoor Birthday Party

If your child’s birthday falls during the summer, it’s almost a given that they will want to celebrate outdoors. No kid wants to stay cooped up in the house when they can be out and about with their friends! What if, however, your child wants something more imaginative than a cake and pizza on the back patio?

Below, we will look at a few awesome ideas that you can incorporate into your child’s outdoor birthday party.

Scavenger Hunt Party
This is fun for any child that loves a good challenge. Before the guests arrive, head out to the backyard and plant small items or toys for the children to find. Next, write down clues on index cards. Two or three clues for each child will do, with each child being led to a different treasure to find. This is a great way to pass the time at an outdoor party, and everyone gets to take their newfound item home!

Ideas for Child's Outdoor Birthday Party, Outdoor Birthday Party

Outdoor Movie Night

Nothing is quite a fun as watching a movie under the summer night sky. Invest in a large outdoor screen and queue up your child’s favorite movie. If the party has a character theme, like SpongeBob or Moana, grab the DVD that goes with it to really bring the party to life. Serve popcorn and drinks, and throw a few blankets and pillow out on the lawn so everyone can get comfortable during the show.

Sleepover Under the Stars

Once a child reaches a certain age, they will likely begin begging for a slumber party. You can take all the chaos and noise outdoors and have an outdoor sleepover! Ask everyone to bring their own sleeping bag. Set up a tent in the backyard, if you have one. Let your guests roast marshmallows, sing songs, and tell ghost stories. End the night by gazing at the stars before everyone falls asleep.

Hawaiian Luau
Gather up your grass skirts and throw a birthday party, Hawaiian style! Toss a lei around the neck of every person in attendance. Pop some festive Hawaiian tunes in the boombox, and let everyone have fun dancing the evening away. A game of Limbo can be fun too.

Outdoor Birthday Party, Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas

Gardening Party

Turn the outdoor party into a learning event with a garden party! Guests can learn how to properly plant, water and take care of their gardens by taking home a small potted plant. There are many themes you can do for this type of party, including butterflies, flowers, or bees. A dirt cake complete with gummy worms can really be the talk of the event. For the fancy birthday boy or girl, you could even host a garden tea party to celebrate.

Birthday Barbecue

The traditional fallback: a barbecue for a summer birthday party. However, you can still personalized such an event. Grill your birthday child’s favorite food, whether it be burgers, steak, or chicken. Serve homemade ice cream with the cake, and pull out some fun backyard games like horseshoes, corn hole, or even a sprinkler for some cool fun!

Beach Birthday Party

If you don’t live close enough to celebrate a birthday at the beach, bring the beach to your lawn! Grab a few bags of sand and toss in a few shovels and pails, so your party guests can build castles. Hide some seashells in the sand for extra fun, with the winner receiving a prize for finding the largest shell.

Perfect Pool Party

Perhaps the MOTHER of all outdoor parties is an awesome pool party. Make sure you have plenty of pool games ready for the guests to play. Just a few hours of swimming can be fun, but it’s better to go all out while celebrating your child’s special day!

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Which fun outdoor birthday party idea do you love?

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