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6 DIY Running Crafts for Runners

If you’re crafty and want to save some cash on your running gear, look no further than 6 DIY Running Crafts. From running skirts to display pieces, you’ll be inspired to pull out the scissors and tape measurer to get to work! Who doesn’t love saving money too?

DIY Projects for Runners that save money

No-Sew Arm Sleeves

Since we are heading into the cooler Fall months, these no-sew DIY arm sleeve (from Run Wiki) will be the perfect layer to add. You can just pull them down after a warm and they couldn’t be easier to make! Click HERE for instructions.




DIY Running Skirt

Save some cash for costumed races and design your own sparkly running skirt (from Moms Run This Town). These are awesome to throw on over shorts for a burst of color to any costume. Click HERE to start the project.

DIY Skirt


DIY Running Belt

This running belt project (From Craftsy) will store your running essentials while keeping your hands free. I love that this is a wider belt too! For step by step instructions, click HERE. Wondering what to keep in it? I’ve got some ideas of things to take along.




DIY Cold Packs

The best way to feel better after a long run is to use ice! These ice packs (from Our Peaceful Planet) will be so versatile around your home. Keep them handy for post-workouts, kids or keeping something cold on-the-go. Click HERE to make them today.




Homemade Running Chews

Stop buying the running fuels with artificial additives. Make your own at home to save your tummy and wallet! This award-winning recipe will give you quick sugar on a long run when you need it! Click HERE for the delicious recipe.



Race Bib Craft

I absolutely adore this idea (from Half Crazy Mama) to display your old race bibs. I always love to save my race bib but never know what to do with them. This neat craft is a great way to make them a centerpiece and keep inspiring you! Click HERE to make it this week!



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