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5 Reasons to Add the 5k to Your Glass Slipper Challenge

Last February I completed Run Disney’s Glass Slipper Challenge at Walt Disney World. It’s a two day race challenge compromising of a 10k on Saturday and a Half Marathon on Sunday. I knew the challenge was my ultimate goal, but I decided to run Friday’s 5k as well.

If you are running the Glass Slipper Challenge and trying to decide whether or not to add the 5k, here is why I added the extra day of running:

1) You’ll get to the expo early- If you are running the 5k on Friday, you have no choice but to visit the expo on Thursday for bib pick up. This means you’ll have prime selection of official Run Disney merchandise, which is always in high demand.

2) You can afford to add the extra day of travel- This might be an obvious one, but it’s important. You have to consider the extra day of lodging and food. Or maybe even an extra ticket for the parks. It can add up quickly!

3) You enjoy taking pictures during the races- I love taking pictures with the characters that Run Disney has along the course. There is still a 16 minute per mile required pace for the 5k, but I can run a bit quicker for only 3.1 miles. This means I have extra time for pictures along the course.

4) You want to make it a family affair-  I love running the 5k’s with my husband. He is not a runner, but still participates in the 5k and LOVES it. It’s a great distance for family members to join you. They do not allow jogging strollers, so make sure your party can run or walk the entire distance. Since the 5k also starts a bit later, it’s an easier morning for everyone.

5) The extra bling- Some people complain about Run Disney handing out medallions (plastic) versus medals at the 5k. But I think they are just as cool and fun! No complaints about the extra bling from me.

So it IS another 3.1 miles of running, but in the grand scheme of training– that isn’t a lot. Last year it happened to be a very cold morning, but we still had a great time running the 5k. Run Disney 5k’s happen to be my favorite race they offer. I love the mix of ages, the later start and the fact my husband runs it with me. If it works for you financially, I would definitely consider adding the 5k to your racecation plans. It might just be your favorite part of the weekend.

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