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4 Tips to Save Your Skin While Running

Running problems- it’s a real thing! From the weekend warrior runner to the competitive runner, we all deal with issues that can wreck havoc on our workouts. One of my least favorite things to deal with is skin irritations. It always catches me off guard during race and can break my chance at a PR.

Instead of letting a PR slip away, I try to prevent any skin irritations before they happen. When I’m proactive and remember to take care of it before training, or a race, I never have any issues.

Tips to Save Your Skin While Running, Running Tips

5 tips to save your skin while running

Prevent Chafing

One of the most painful things a runner can experience is chafing of the skin. It can even cause bleeding and infection. Chafing occurs when friction between skin rubbing against each other (or fabric) takes place repetitively. Women tend to have chafing on their inner thighs and men suffer from nipple chafing while running.

I love to apply my Bag Balm, before running, to prevent the chafing from starting. Bag Balm acts as a thick barrier to protect the skin and prevent the friction.

Avoid Sunburn

No matter what time of the year it is, it’s best to apply sunscreen before a run. Look for a sunscreen that is water and sweat proof. Brands make formulas, specifically for athletes, that won’t run while you sweat. Don’t forget the tops of your ears, lips and shoulders. Reapply during long training runs too.

Take Care of Your Feet

Runner’s can get dry and cracked feet. Mine is sometimes painful during the Winter months. Do yourself a favor and moisturize while you sleep. Since Bag Balm is a salve, you apply a thick coat and through on socks before bed. It helps to lock in moisture and renew your skin overnight.

Avoid Blisters

Another painful foot problem can be blisters. I hate dealing with blisters because oftentimes bandages don’t help. I like to prevent the problem before it occurs by stopping friction from happening. Bag Balm is also great for preventing blisters because it acts as a barrier. Apply it to your feet before your socks and shoes.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Bag Balm. They provided me product to feature the brand. All opinions are my own though.


Laura Bowers

Thursday 9th of March 2017

Bag balm! This ex-farm gal remembers going through many cans of that miracle balm, both for livestock and myself. ;) Thanks for the tips!

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