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2022 Buick Enclave Review: Smooth Family Ride

There are so many choices on the market for a family-friendly SUV that it can be hard to decipher which is the best for your own family. If you’re looking for all-inclusive value, with features of luxury SUV’s, at a great price, then look no further than the 2022 Buick Enclave. It’s a crossover SUV that offers a smooth ride, doesn’t feel bulky and can easily go from being your daily commuter to the family’s preferred road trip vehicle. Check out all of the new Enclave highlights for 2022 and see how it’s beating the competition.

2022 Buick Enclave Review

When it comes to SUV shopping, I oftentimes find myself feeling like Goldilocks. One vehicle can feel overwhelmingly too big while the next one feels too small. It’s hard to find the right size SUV that can cover all of our family’s needs. Adding just one more baby, to complete us as a family of five, means we need extra seating space along with cargo space.

We drove the 2022 Buick Enclave from Atlanta to Milledgeville, Georgia for the perfect Lake Sinclair Family Vacation and put it to the test. Driving from highway speeds to Georgia backroads gave us a great picture at what the Enclave is capable of. By the end of the trip, it was tough to say goodbye. The smooth ride and updated features of the 2022 version are so aesthetically pleasing.

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2022 Buick Enclave Review – From A Mom’s Perspective

Buick does a fantastic job of offering the bells and whistles that customers want (even on the lower-end trim packages), to compete with the competition, while still keeping the sticker price lower than expected. You feel the more upscale vibes and comfort that the Enclave offers as soon as you set eyes on it. The exterior is handsome, while the interior is alluring.

Plus, you’re getting three row seating which is great for larger families – without the bulk of large SUV’s. That makes it an easier drive without sacrificing the comfort and space that families need.

Buick SUV Review 2022

What’s New On The 2022 Buick Enclave (What Moms Will Appreciate)

Rounding out the new features of Enclave is a more modernized look and feel. The fresh style includes new front fascia, hood and grille – with even greater design distinction for the Avenir – and new wheel designs. Drivers can appreciate the new LED headlamps and LED daytime running lamps, along with auto-dimming outside mirrors (on Premium and Avenir trim packages).

On the interior, there’s an updated and sleek looking center console. My favorite feature is the hidden storage located underneath the center console that happens to be perfect for a handbag. To stay connected, moms will love the wireless charger that’s now available for larger phones along with Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility.

Buick Center Console Enclave

Specific to the Avenir model (which is pictured), there are heated, ventilated and massaging front seats. Additionally, the Avenir has Enhanced Automatic Emergency Braking – which I happened to find very sensitive to pedestrians. It’s a welcomed new feature that takes some time to get used to. It can be difficult, as a driver, to adjust to the assistance that new cars offer today.

heated front seats with massage

Engine, Transmission & Street Performance

Every Enclave includes a 3.6-liter V-6 engine which puts out 310 horsepower. It’s surprisingly quiet and adds to the smooth ride that I keep mentioning. It powers either the front or all four wheels via an unobtrusive nine-speed automatic transmission. 

The Enclave merges onto the highway without hesitation and feels exactly like what you’d want from a Crossover SUV. Larger SUV competition is a bit slower to adapt to highway speed, but the Enclave does a beautiful job going from 0 to 60mph.

Dare I say, it feels as quiet as driving a minivan – but you’ve got the luxury SUV feel. Thanks to great suspension, the inside cabin isn’t disturbed by mishaps in the road and that’s something that keep the kids asleep on a longer road trip.

Even though we were test drove the Enclave to our lake vacation, we didn’t opt to tow a boat. If you’re looking for that towing capacity, the Buick can tow up to 5000 pounds, when properly equipped. I’d bet that the inside cabin still feels the same peaceful ride with a boat on the back.

Cargo Space And Folding Third-Row Seats

Even when all five of us are in the Enclave, there’s plenty of extra room for our belongings. There’s never a moment of feeling crowded. Many of the vehicle’s comfort and convenience features are integrated to work together seamlessly.

The passenger side second-row seat slides forward to allow third-row passengers in and out with ease. Some might complain about it not being an option on both sides, but we put our infant car seat on the side that we didn’t use for third row access.

Power-folding third row seating offers more cubic space for cargo. It’s a great option for smaller families that won’t always use the third row seating, but needs the cargo space for traveling.

Buick Enclave third row seating

Dare I say – the 2022 Buick Enclave is a cut above the rest at a great price? You’ll feel a touch of luxury from this crossover SUV without sticker shock. The price tag, entry level starting at 42k (55k for Avenir which is pictured), is just as handsome as the exterior. The Enclave is well-rounded vehicle that should be on your family’s radar when car shopping.

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