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2020 Lincoln Corsair Review: The Modern Mom’s Sanctuary

This post is in partnership with A Girl’s Guide To Cars and Lincoln. All opinions are my own. I was given the 2020 Lincoln Corsair to test drive in exchange for my honest review.

The word “Sanctuary” is defined as a place of refuge and safety. As a modern mom of two kids, finding a place of refuge isn’t always easy. While I might daydream of luxury vacations and trips to the spa, what I really need an everyday sanctuary. I never imagined that my daily driver could potentially become a welcomed retreat from today’s hustle and bustle, but that’s exactly what the 2020 Lincoln Corsair is. 

Just when you think automobile manufacturers can’t elevate the driver’s experience any more, they find the next level. The Lincoln team has done an incredible job to quench your senses in ways that I never thought were possible. 

If you’re a modern mom that’s looking for a vehicle that easily transitions from rush hour commute to weekend soccer games, while delivering quality, the 2020 Lincoln Corsair might be your answer. 

See how the 2020 Lincoln Corsair elevates your driving experience and takes you from rush hour traffic to family road trips with ease. #LincolnCorsair #LincolnReview #CarReview

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2020 Lincoln Corsair Review: The Modern Mom’s Sanctuary

I remember my Grandparent’s owning a Lincoln. They’re car outlasted them and stood the test of time, but there’s no way I ever considered it a brand that I’d drive. Somehow mid-week during my test drive, I realized that the brand has completely re-invented themselves.

There are so many details that Lincoln was able to put into the Corsair. There isn’t wasted space inside and everything feels intuitive – like it was purposely designed to be that spot. Let’s break down some of my favorite details, and you’ll see why it could easily be your sanctuary too.

2020 Lincoln Corsair Review, Lincoln Crossover Review

Enhanced Audio Technology

Did you know that Lincoln is the only manufacture to offer Revel Speakers? These speakers enhance your audio by offering different modes for personalized listening. The three modes include “Stereo”, “Audience” and “On Stage” which offers multi-dimensional sound with 14 different speakers. The speakers are intentionally placed for precision and musical accuracy that you can feel.

I’m not an audio buff AT ALL and I can still appreciate the next level sound that Revel provides. Just use the Voice-Activated Touchscreen Navigation System to find your favorite SiriusXM channel.

Of course when you’re ready to find some tranquility, the Corsair offers peace and quiet as well. A sound-dampening dual-wall dash, an Integral Bush Rear Suspension design, and Active Noise Control each do their part to help provide you with a comfortable space in which to converse, enjoy your music or just bask in the serenity.

2020 Lincoln Corsair, Lincoln Corsair Review, Revel Speakers In Lincoln Corsair

Elevated Interior Design

I’ve never compared my driving experience to be spa-like until stepping into the Corsair. From Pinstripe Aluminum to 5 massage settings for the driver and passenger seats, the Lincoln team took the interior design to the next level. The center console is deep for storage and allows valuables to be easily hidden.

Download the The Lincoln Way app to have control at the touch of your smart phone. You can set up your own “Personal Profile” settings so that your interior preferences are set up every time you enter the vehicle.  Since my Husband and I are always a one-car family, that’s a feature that makes the vehicle easier to share.  The app even allows you to set up your “Phone As A Key” so you don’t have to fumble through your handbag to unlock the Corsair.

Lincoln Corsair Interior Design, Lincoln Crossover Review

Soak Up Your Vitamin D With The Lincoln Vista Roof

Optimize your driving experience to enjoy the sunniest of days. The panoramic Vista Roof has a power sunshade that allows almost the entire roof to open. It gives you that extra sense of space, which is always nice on a longer road trip. 

Driver-Assist Technologies To Ease Your Mind

One of the most appreciated modern technologies that always ease my mind, as the driver, are the driver-assist technologies available on the market today. They tend to and an extra sense of security and become the helping hand that I never knew I needed before their recent invention.

A number of driver-assist technologies are conveniently packaged together as Lincoln Co-Pilot360 Plus. The Adaptive Cruise Control with Traffic Jam Assist combines Stop-and-Go, Lane Centering, and Speed Sign Recognition. That makes any rush hour commute more seamless and less stressful. On top of that, the Lincoln Co-Pilot360 Plus includes:


Lincoln, 2020 Lincoln Corsair

Stepping into the 2020 Lincoln Corsair is an experience unlike any other. You just can’t help but to fall in love with these features. Massage seats? Who knew I needed that one in my life? Oh yes – the Lincoln team did! They’re definitely paving the way to a zen experience and the brand is no longer designed for your Grandparent’s generation. Lincoln is changing our driving experience and I am HERE FOR IT.

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Wednesday 2nd of September 2020

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2020 Lincoln Corsair Review: The Modern Mom's Sanctuary

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