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10 Plus Size Running Clothes Every Curvy Runner Needs

Running is my favorite sport – until something doesn’t feel right. If my clothes don’t behave while I’m running and something rides up or causes chafing, I can’t run without being annoyed. If you’re curvy, like me, plus size running clothes are vital to your training. It’s important to find pieces that fit properly and can outlast years of washing. I always recommend trusted names that I love myself. I curated this list of plus size running clothes as a base reference. If you’re new to running, these are the pieces that are perfect to start your running wardrobe.

The best plus size running clothes you need.
No matter your size, you should feel good about your workout clothes!

As a running Mom, I wear my running clothes all day – from errands to afternoon training runs. Style, functionality, durability and comfort were key to selecting this list. I picked pieces that will take you throughout the seasons. Layer the pieces, buy them in fun colors and read about the size guides on the brand’s site.

The goal is to feel comfortable, supportive and prepared for running. Prevent chafing, ensure you’re wearing properly fitting clothes and stay motivated with cute clothes. I’ve also got an entire guide to Plus Size Sports Bras if you need help (and more options) in just that department.

Plus size workout clothes have come such a long way! Brands that never catered to us previously, realized they missed a market. Lululemon, Athleta, Nike and Spanx offer plus size running clothes that are stylish too. It’s easier to shop than ever and you can find so many more options than a few years back.

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10 Plus Size Running Clothes Every Runner Needs

This are the plus size running clothes every runner needs to own. These pieces will get you through the seasons. Layer them, mix them up and buy in fun colors. You'll feel supportive, comfortable and motivated!

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Cecilia C. Cannon

Monday 10th of July 2017

thank you for this post! no joke, I have gained a little the last year and searching for good fitting workout pants and shirts. you rock!

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